Join Me For Booze Clues

You’ve made it through the holidays and the inevitable mayhem of the first week back at work after the new year.  You’ve settled back into your routine, but now you’re looking for some fun (and you need a drink.)  Something to get you out of the house, maybe even involve a little social interaction.  I’ve got just the thing for you.

On Tuesday, 13 January, Booze Clues returns to Cuba Libre in Los Feliz.  Booze Clues is a monthly pub trivia night that has built a dedicated following.  The evening’s hosts, Dave & Pauline and Dan, do a great job not only creating a fun quiz, but also keeping the event organized and moving, engaging the crowd, and making the whole thing feel like you’re hanging out with 50 or 60 friends.

There are more details and a bonus, so make with the clicky and follow me past the jump…

The Booze Clues crowd is really friendly, and there are always lots of laughs.  The trivia quiz is difficult enough to make the game challenging, but not so hard as to make you feel like an almost-out-of-work president at a press conference desperately trying to express a single coherent thought.  The food and drinks at Cuba Libre are great, and there’s valet parking for only $2.50.

So, who’s with me?  Let’s start a MetBlogs team to go in there and school the “Free Radicals” and “Uranus Was Taken” (last month’s first and second place teams.)  Leave a note in the comment section, and make sure I’ve got your email address so we can coordinate.  The game starts at 8:00pm, so we’ll get there about 7:30 to start meeting & greeting, eating & drinking, and limbering up our noggins.

Here’s the bonus I promised: Cuba Libre is right across the street from the Dresden Room, so when the game ends at 10:00, everyone is welcome join me in experiencing the magic that is Marty & Elayne.

9 thoughts on “Join Me For Booze Clues”

  1. We can have up to six on a team. If we go over that, I’ll just reserve another table and MetBlogs will field two teams (or three, or…) That’d be awesome!

  2. Fraz, if my count is correct, we’re already at the point where we need to get a second table. Two Team MetBlogs are twice as cool! I know you’ve got family and stuff, but we could use your trivial expertise. Can you join us?

  3. ARGHH…that would be tough as my youngest has basketball practice until 8 and my oldest is working until 8:30 which makes it hard on the better half. No promises…

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