Is Valley Crime Getting Worse?

photoIs the L.A. crime rate really at its lowest point in years? I’m just wondering, because there seems to be a rash of vandalism and burglaries in the 818.

  • Someone broke into my co-worker’s car in a gated parking garage in Sherman Oaks about 5 months ago.
  • Someone broke into my car in a gated parking garage in Studio City on December 23.
  • Someone broke into my other co-worker’s car in a gated parking garage in North Hollywood on January 11.
  • Then, there’s the well-mannered Knock Knock Bandits, who have the courtesy to knock on your door before relieving you of all your prized possessions. They’ve politely hit 40 homes since last Summer.

Are these incidents gang-related? Is the economy to blame? Is LAPD doing enough to protect citizens?

How safe is your neighborhood these days?

13 thoughts on “Is Valley Crime Getting Worse?”

  1. I dunno, from my experience with Midnight Ridazz, the police have far too many peaceful assemblies to break up to be bothered with things like robberies or vandalism. They sent a helicopter after us this week! XD

  2. I’m not far from you in North Hollywood/Toluca Woods area and things have been pretty quiet. Knock wood, hopefully they stay that way. Several years ago, we did have a murder on our street and a few cars broken into (including one of ours) around the holidays, but nothing lately.

  3. Every recession petty crimes like burglary as well as the serious stuff like auto theft start to increase.

    Not quite a year ago my street saw a sudden increase of auto burglary. It took getting neighborhood started and everyone watching to quell the problem.

    Lezgull gated doesn’t mean squat anymore. Cars with the homelink system are easily programmed to any remote control gate you want. Its not all high end cars either. My car is 9 years old and programming is easy. Car in park, engine on hit the record button when a remote is pressed and voila I’m programmed to get in and out of gates. My car has 3 remotes it can record and one is my house, my parents house and my cousins house in Tustin. Those things are so prolific and sensitive its easy to just park by a drive and snag a remote signal and then get in later. Scary.

    Also, when I lived in Valley Village we had a real problem with auto burglary. It was not uncommon for people to leave their remotes for the gate in their car and once its gone a thief has instant access to the garage.

    Even without a remote its easy for gated parking areas to be accessed. If a thief wants your stuff he’s in. Gated parking, closed garages make it difficult for a thief to get in but doesn’t stop them.

  4. I make sure there’s never ANYTHING in our cars that people would want. No boxes of tissue, no tee shirts no nothing. Empty car equals passed over car! In case your are wondering, the stereo is the factory Honda unit and won’t work anywhere but in our car.

  5. I only say that because it was my darn neighbour who kept trying to break into my car years ago….i did not know him :) the other neighbours suspected then caught him. yea take remotes out of your car for sure

  6. i live in Inglewood on the border of Westchster and my street and the one adjacent to it no crime till two years ago. no crime if at all then comes the bangers shooting people and gang busts. Then they started messing with people in our complex by robbing them of vandalizing my uncle apartment. i don’t/can’t move but i don’t want to go as i don’t want to give up but i don’t feel safe

  7. Things are definitely getting worse in Canoga Park. The BF stays tuned to the police updates and it’s quite a mess around here. The neighborhood had seemed to be improving, until about a year or so ago it started to take a turn for the worse again…gangs, quality-of-life problems, the classic “broken window” thing…the sex shops & head shops started adding up…naaaasty. It bums me out, this is my hometown.

  8. During every down time crime went up EXCEPT during the 30s when Roosevelt did what he could to make sure people had busy work, yet for some reason people would rather focus on this more cops and harsher punishment thing. Historically more cops, more harshness during bad economic times just brings riots, but whatever…maybe most people think riots and burning and gated housing or living out in the middle of nowhere is more of a doable thing for people than not being jerks.


  9. Crime in the Valley may be up, and it may be down, but either way, the fact that you personally know of three thefts-from-automobile over a five-month period – and that you’ve heard/read about a pair of home-invader robbers – isn’t really adequate evidence of any sort of trend, one way or the other.

    Not in an area that’s home to almost two million people.

    (In addition, it would be nice if you and other ‘neighborhood bloggers’ would quit treating ‘the Valley’ as though it were one giant homogeneous suburban neighborhood.

    Just as Brentwood isn’t Mar Vista, and Boyle Heights isn’t Hollywood, so, too, Toluca Lake isn’t Pacoima, Studio City isn’t Canoga Park, and Van Nuys isn’t Porter Ranch.

    ‘The Valley’ is about 350 square miles containing over 30 distinct city of LA neighborhoods, six other independent incorporated cities, half the major ‘Hollywood’ studios, and close to two million people. Almost half of the city of LA is in the Valley.

    Virtually any generalization about a region that large is bound to be wildly inaccurate in at least some particulars – and the most popular cliches, from “Porn Valley” to “endless suburbia” are utterly ridiculous.)

  10. I can tell you the trend in my neighborhood hasn’t been good. More police helicopter chases and break ins. I wish you didn’t have to wait a week to see the crime map online. I’m thinking of getting a scanner just to find out what’s going on out there.

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