HI From Another Newbie




I’m yet another newbie in this influx of new writers.  You very likely don’t know me from that annoying 2009 Hummer with license plate MRY XMAS hogging the road next to you (or me, this morning, as Yaris and I barely escaped being eaten by that silver monstrosity of a car) but I run a foodie blog over on What You See is What You Eat.  I know, another one of those. Oh well. Other random things: I have a dog that everyone thinks is a fox, but really, is just a shiba inu. I say this at least 5 times a day, so if you’re in Santa Monica and there’s a girl explaining that No I did not steal this “fox” from Runyon Canyon, and, anyway, who would steal a fox and domesticate it? That makes no sense., that is me. My day-and-often-night-time job is to be a lawyer; having to write pleadings that are variations on a you-owe-me-money theme, I am eternally grateful to Lucinda and the rest of the LA Metblogs team for entrusting me with the space to write in English a few times a week.

So, this is my hi post.  The substantive post will be forthcoming.

11 thoughts on “HI From Another Newbie”

  1. Welcome Capt.* queequeg!

    *I always think of the Bogart character from “The Caine Mutiny” when I see your screenname… but I’m totally knowing you’re a way lot more nicer than he was.

  2. @panasonicyouth: YES! Yes it was! A little Pomeranian. That’s actually how I picked the handle – been using it ever since little Queequeg was eaten by a swamp monster. So sad. But really, Scully was the last person on earth who should have a dog. Sort of exactly like my downstairs neighbor, but don’t tell her that.

  3. Welcome Queegueg! I would have known that your fox I mean dog was a Shiba Inu as my neighbor had four of them and walked them by my house every day. Sweet doggies! Looking forward to your work!

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