The most expensive parking lot in Los Angeles, perhaps the USA

2 hours of parking = $648 at the Sunset 5. And it isn't even valet.
2 hours of parking = $648 at the Sunset 5. And it isn

If you go to see a movie at the Sunset 5 theatre, you’ll find that they validate parking, free, for up to three hours, which is typically sufficient. However, if you’re planning to see parts 1 and 2 of Stephen Soderbergh’s 4+  hours “Che,” the box office urges you to repark your car during the intermission.

While I was doing just that, along with dozens of other attendees Saturday night, another movie patron ahead of me stuck his ticket into one of those self pay machines – I presume to double check they’d validated his ticket – and was confronted with a fee that could make Che return from the grave to start another revolution: $648.

I think he was expecting sympathy after he told me that he’d only been there for a little over 2 hours… instead I joyfully snapped some low grade cel phone cam shots and told him how awesome this would be for the blog. Unfortunately, I don’t have proper closure to this tale, nor explanations as to the exorbiant fee. Hacker? Software glitch? Inflation? We may never know.

They take change!
They take change!

7 thoughts on “The most expensive parking lot in Los Angeles, perhaps the USA”

  1. “They take change.” Hahaha.

    So, how was “Che?” I’ve been wanting to see it, but that’s a pretty solid time commitment.

  2. i say software bug. those automated parking machines in that structure are batshit crazy (haha, anyone want some chaching?), so i wouldn’t be surprised if the software were problematic.

  3. Maybe the machine income-tested him via fingerprint and decided that’s what he could afford, like the cops in Finland who gave the equivalent of a $100,000 speeding ticket to a guy, based on his hefty income.

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