Preserving traditional marriage, one illicit affair at a time

“Are you Married but Looking? Ashley Madison is the place for Married Dating.”

Bless the LA Times columnist Meghan Daum for bringing Ashley Madison, the online dating service for married people looking for a simple affair, to my attention. But I’m waiting for the Yes on Prop 8 crowd to weigh in as vehemently against it as they did the prospect of same-sex marriage.

On the other hand, there is the distinct possibility the pro-prop 8 will think it’s a great idea for preserving traditional opposite-sex marriage– for which screwing around on the side is a tried and true tradition. They might have a problem with the male-seeking-male and female-seeking-female part of it, but if it’s ultimately saving a marriage, they might be able to swallow the idea.

Daum interviewed Ashely Madison-owner Noel Biderman, a self-confessed happily married man, who argues that his website, who’s “many members are in sexless marriages but don’t actually want to leave their spouses,” is saving more marriages than it is breaking up.

And for a city that often suffers from an inferiority complex when comparing itself to other big cities, Biderman kindly points out that Los Angeles is the company’s largest market.

With its website claiming mentions on the likes of Howard Stern, Dr. Phil and Larry King, and TV commercials depicting couples, married and otherwise, with pithy slogans like, “This couple is married … but not to each other;” and “Most of us can recover from a one-night stand with the wrong woman, but not when it’s every night for the rest of our lives,”  if Ashley Madison takes off (and maybe it already has; it claims 3.2 million members at $249 a pop) it’s going to be increasingly difficult for Europeans to laughingly look down at us for our puritanical ways, if not our gullibility for scams like this.

Viva l’affaire!

2 thoughts on “Preserving traditional marriage, one illicit affair at a time”

  1. A couple in our wedding party years ago (my groomsmen) pointed out that the bible has something like only 7 passages about gays and over 200 on how us breeders need to behave. Whom was gawd more worried about? Great post I always have to laugh when my neighbors get all self righteous on the marriage topic. Live and let live, you can’t control who you fall in love with which is what we tell them and teach our kids. Great post.

  2. Isn’t there also something called Fling? The insinuated indiscretion is right there in the name and everything.

    I’ve been using this argument for quite some time along with “The only real threat to traditional marriage is divorce.”

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