O HAI! A Metblogs Introduction

Hello, my trusty internet web blog! My name is Mark Oshiro. You may have seen me ’round the comments on this site; or perhaps you remember my own little bit of attention back in November; maybe you know me from my job as community manager/photographer over at that one site; or perhaps you’ve followed my other unhealthy obsession.

If you don’t know me at all, which is probably the case for 98% of you, O HAI! Anyway you look at it, there’s a common theme: Good lord, I love the internet. So when there were open calls for writers for LA Metblogs, I jumped at the chance to work alongside people I’ve come to know and respect. And here I am, your newest writer for LA Metblogs!

I’m hoping that I can bring my own unique experience of living in LA (I was born here) to you guys in the hopes of connecting us and creating a greater understanding of this large, (sometimes) intimidating, and (always) fascinating city.

Hello all! My first REAL post will be on Sunday. So if you go to the DOMA/anti-prop 8 rally in West Hollywood on Saturday and you see my grimey face trying to snap photos, say hello. :)

And now, a giant picture of said face:

Thanks for the opportunity, and I’m excited! EXCITED!!!!1!!1!1!

17 thoughts on “O HAI! A Metblogs Introduction”

  1. welcome aboard…saw you here yesterday. Cant wait to see your stuff here so I don’t have to stalk you elsewhere on the net. kidding on the stalking part.

  2. I wanted to say “welcome aboard” too, but then I’d be the latest in a long line. So I’ll skip the nautical terminology and I won’t say “welcome aboard.” Is there another greeting I can use besides “welcome aboard?” I dunno. Happy to have you here.

  3. Good to see you here. I’ve seen you around the offices of that one site but have always been too shy to say hello. I look forward to reading your blogs here.

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