Hi From Another New Guy

Hello LA MetBlogs readers and authors. My name is Mykal Burns, but most of the time I just go by “Burns!” (No relation to Jason Burns, but it is true that we’ve never been seen in the same place at the same time. Hmm…) I’m one of the other new writers here, and I’m pretty darned excited about it. While Mark/panasonicyouth may be unknown to 98% of you, I would guess that I may actually go a point or two higher than that on the unknown scale, so a brief introduction is in order.

I am also a Los Angeles native, having grown up in the far east corner of the San Gabriel Valley, and I’ve slowly been migrating west ever since. Although I’m new to writing here, you may have seen me dropping in to the comments from time to time. I’ve been a reader since back in the day when this was just a little blog affectionately known as “b.LA.” (I wasn’t the only who called it that, was I?) In fact, even when I moved out of town for two years, I still came back to LA MetBlogs everyday. Los Angeles has always been my home, so even when I lived thousands of miles away I was able to stay in touch through the magic of the interwebs. I will forever be grateful to the LA MetBlogs authors who kept me grounded in my true home, and I’m very happy to be a part of that team now.

I usually like to be the one holding the camera, but occasionally I’ll turn it around and hold it at arm’s length. Here’s a rare image of Burns! in the wild:

I like to tell people that I have more fun than anyone I know, and probably more than anyone you know, too. I am happy to have that statement challenged, but I’ll expect you to prove it by taking me along for your fun. Los Angeles is a great city for fun, as there is always something going on; usually several somethings. I’m going to try to tell you about many of those things here, but MetBlogs isn’t just an event guide, so I’ll also be writing about my own L.A. experiences and observations, too. Blogs are all about community, so I hope you’ll join me. More often than not, “The more the merrier” is a true statement, so I’m looking forward to you joining the discussion here, as well as coming out to take part in the fun with me.

Thanks to everybody for this terrific opportunity. I hope you’ll stop by the comments section and say hello, maybe find me elsewhere online, and definitely come out for the real live fun in L.A.

14 thoughts on “Hi From Another New Guy”

  1. Burns! I am so absolutely freaking glad to see you here. Really, not besides stalking on flickr that is. Let the inner 12 year old run amuk.

  2. Thanks, everybody. Glad to be here.

    In the immortal words of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson: “Res ipsa loquitur. Let the good times roll.”

  3. a most bodacious* hello and welcome! Congrats of getting the position as writer on metblogs.

    *(been hankering to say that)

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