Crystal Method added to Art of Change lineup Jan. 20

This should be a fantastic crowd to be in on the night of January 20: as if performances by SF’s DJ Motion Potion and Mutaytor (for a reprise of the big New Years’ show they played with Thievery Corporation & Bassnectar) weren’t enough, celeb DJs & internationally-awesome electronic act The Crystal Method has just been added to the lineup to follow up the inaugural speech by Barack Obama, which will be televised on big screens throughout the gorgeous Mayan Theatre downtown.

Wow, that was a long sentence. And an awkward one. But all the facts therein are correct.

I’m going to go back to screwing around on the internet now. I’m spent after that sentence.

Oh, you want info? Right. I suppose you do. [sigh] Fine, here you go.

One thought on “Crystal Method added to Art of Change lineup Jan. 20”

  1. I’ve been looking for somewhere cool (other than my living room) to watch the inauguration. I really like Crystal Method. This event is fairly cheap. Sounds great. Thanks!

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