Yes, Virginia, there is a T-Shirt Mohel

Since weirdness is L.A.’s chief export, it should surprise no one that some guy makes hundreds of dollars an hour as a t-shirt mohel – “artistically” cutting up t-shirts for overhyped fashion factory Ed Hardy.

I swear, I’ll never understand haute couture.

(via the Jewish Journal. )

6 thoughts on “Yes, Virginia, there is a T-Shirt Mohel”

  1. Great piece! One of the more interesting things I have found upon moving here is the ubiquitous t-shirt culture, especially the cross-filled goth designs by Affliction and other co’s., and the blingy gold-tinged rock star styles (as well as combos of the two). Ground Zero of this culture for purchaser seems to be Melrose Ave. The t-shirts also show up on many reality tv shows, and no doubt are permeating towards Peoria as we speak.

    Oh, and I love Frazgo’s comment!

    P.S. I’m no expert, but I thought the word was pronounced “Moy-ell,” not “Mo-hell.” Anyone care to provide insight on that? And if you don’t know what the word means, there’s a certain “Seinfeld” episode that will set you straight.

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