Recession Watch 2009: Le Marmiton in Santa Monica Closed

It seems like every block in LA has a vacant store front or abandoned foreclosure home these days, and while I don’t mourn the passing of Linens ‘n Things or even the 7th and Fig Macy’s (blogdowntown has details), I am sad about the closing of Le Marmiton on Montana. A light continental bite at Le Marmiton followed by a movie across the street at the Aero (1328 Montana Avenue) has been one of Santa Monica’s best one-two-punch dates in my book. Zagat says Le Marmiton opened in 1974. Apparently it closed in November. No more onion soup or fruit tarts. C’est tragique.

Happily the Aero is still going strong and was, in fact, quite sold out last night for The Baader-Meinhof Complex, a film that I heartily recommend though I’m not certain it even has a US distributor yet. More on the movie after the jump. The director and writer/producer, Uli Edel and Bernd Eichingerwere respectively, were on hand to answer questions afterward, and at least one audience member expressed disatisfaction with the degree of psychological motivation for the characters (a sentiment echoed by some reviewers). Me, I think Americans are too obsessed with psychology and not interested enough in history or economics or politics. It’s not always about your mother, you know? I thought the film did a great job tracing the historical moment and presenting a balanced view of the RAF, whose members came off as simultaneously sympathetic and terrifying.

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  1. I was walking along Montana a few days ago, and noticed quite a few vacancies, especially along the Western portion. I suspect that, for many of these establishments, the cycle of massive rent resulting in high retail prices could no longer be sustained.

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