Moving on up

Saks ad by Fairey
Saks ad

Shepard Fairey’s new ad campaign for Saks Fifth Avenue ushers in a new age of prosperity… for him, anyway. The New York Times reports today on his design company’s recent work for the New York-based retailer.

To be fair, according to the Times, the designs were “largely realized by Cleon Peterson of Studio Number One, Mr. Fairey’s design company in Los Angeles.” But it was Fairey’s name that became internationally known via his Obama posters, so it’s nice to see him cashing in, as well as making sure proper credit is given.

For my taste, he could distinguish himself a lot more with his Obey clothing line, so maybe the Saks gig will lead to better things in the fashion world. (Disclosure: I’m available for style consulting. Trust me, I’m an expert. You should see my credit card bills.)

While the article mentions a Rodchenko vibe and Fairey says he mixed in a swirl of WPA agitprop art, I also sense a whiff of El Lizzitsky. Whatever; it all looks pretty great and right for the time to me– and if all of that Soviet-inspired imagery makes conservatives a little jumpy about the growing wave of socialism sweeping into power, all the better.

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  1. Fairey has been pimping himself–er, I mean, “establishing his brand”–long before the Obama posters. This is just the logical conclusion.

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