LA Metblogs 2008 Grinch of the Year: Sam Zell

The readers of LA Metblogs have voted and overwhelmingly chose to tug their ears in the direction of Sam Zell, the 2008 Grinch of the Year! If you need one, two, or a couple dozen reasons as to why Zell is deserving of this honor, check out LA Observed’s recap Signs of Our (L.A.) Times.

Congratulations, Sam! Ebenezer Scrooge and William Mulholland will be delivering your certificate you personally.

Based on numbers of registered Metblogs readers, the faceless masses of Proposition 8 backers came in 2nd, although unregistered voters placed them in first place (as previously mentioned, these numbers don’t count due to the ability to digitally stuff the ballot box).

2 thoughts on “LA Metblogs 2008 Grinch of the Year: Sam Zell”

  1. And a damn good call this is. I voted for the Prop 8 backers, but the more I read about Zell, the more I feel like he simply does not want there to be joy in the world.

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