Jet Propulsion Lab Tweetup January 21


Twitter Bird on Phoenix Lander
Twitter Bird on Phoenix Lander

The gang at the Jet Propulsion Lab who tweet for the MarsPhoenix (and other awesome space objects) are arranging a Tweetup at JPL in Pasadena on Wednesday January 21 from 5:00 to 7:30pm.  You must register starting at 10am tomorrow morning (January 9) be able to go. To register you need to click on this page. (OMG I am so excited about this that I can barely type this post!)

There will only be room for 150 people so have your link open and ready to sign up! From the main information page:

This Tweetup is an opportunity to meet and speak with the JPL staff, scientists, and engineers behind the tweets of 

@CassiniSaturn@MarsPhoenix@MarsRovers@MarsScienceLab@EarthVitalSigns,@PlanetQuest and more. Plus, you’ll meet and mingle with other space-exploration-minded tweeps. 

The evening will include a one-hour “meet and greet” from 5 to 6 p.m., followed by a tour of JPL. On the tour, you’ll visit the Spacecraft Assembly Facility (where @MarsScienceLab is under construction) and the mission control area of NASA’s Deep Space Network. You’ll also see full-scale models of @MarsPhoenix and @MarsRovers and the 11-foot-tall half-scale model of @CassiniSaturn 

What an amazing opportunity for any and all science and space geeks like me. See you there!

6 thoughts on “Jet Propulsion Lab Tweetup January 21”

  1. I used to know one of the engines on that project. What those folks to do get that stuff on mars is unreal. Hours and hours and hours….

  2. Awesome Tweetup tip. Thanks! I’ll be there (online) tomorrow morning hoping to make the list.

  3. Did you make it, Burns!? I so geeked out and kept hitting refresh for the 5 minutes before 10am….what a spaz. Hope to see you there, however!

  4. I was right there at 10am on the dot. The form accepted my info, but I haven’t received the email invite yet. Have you, Julia? Oh, I hope I made it.

  5. Yay! I’m in! Sent an email to Carolina at JPL, who found me on the list. JPL emails were getting caught in my spam filter, so I missed the first one. See y’all there!

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