Is now the time for a SAG strike?

Okay, look: We all know money’s tight, the economy’s halfway down the drain and layoffs are hitting every sector of society (including 3,000 LAUSD teachers – the subject of a future rant I don’t have space for here).

But we have to wonder – just a little bit – who’s really behind the please-SAG-don’t-strike site

Veteran actor James Cromwell pleads in the video above for both parties in the ongoing contract haggling between the Screen Actors Guild and the AMPTP to remember the gaffers, grips, craft-service drones and honey-wagon drivers – and don’t bring on a strike.

So – is this a non-partisan plea for parity, reason and good-faith bargaining?

Or is it a well-muscled push from the non-acting screen trades to dissuade actors from picketing if they’re faced with fuck-you terms from the AMPTP?


2 thoughts on “Is now the time for a SAG strike?”

  1. what else could it be? gaffers, grips, craft-service drones all over the city ARE stuck for finding work.

    but hey, unemployment is up all over the country and every other business sector is struggling… why should the film industry be exempt? go ahead SAG, strike! put even MORE people out of work!

    sent while eating yetanother bowl of ramen.

  2. Why is it always the responsibility of the striking worker for any calamity that a strike might bring about and not the responsibility of the greedy conglomerates that use “fuck you” bargaining strategy? The issue with SAG at the moment is that the need to figure out whether to shit or else get off the pot… Cartels, conglomerates and the rich (I mean The Rich) don’t really suffer in down turns and use the suffering of regular working folk to make more money by stoking the flames of their fears against each other and diverting anger away from themselves.

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