Earthquake — Who Felt It?

According to preliminary reports on the U.S. Geological Survey’s website, an earthquake measuring 5.0 struck near San Bernardino at about 7:50 p.m. this evening. I felt light to moderate tremors for about 10 seconds here at the beach. Anybody else?

UPDATE: USGS now lists the earthquake’s strength as 4.5.  Before the 5.0 listing, the initial report I saw was 4.9. The number may well change again shortly.  It’s normal for the figure to fluctuate for a while, apparently because the initial reports are straight from the computers before being reviewed by USGS seismologists.

10 thoughts on “Earthquake — Who Felt It?”

  1. Matt,

    Here in San Dimas the earthquake was a quick, but strong, jolt that lasted maybe two seconds. We are about 35 miles west of the epicenter near the 210 and 57 Freeways next to the foothills.

  2. Missed it, kids were rowdy around that time and I was in bed reading ready to call it a night. Am near 210/605 in the sgv.

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