Mops – what one does to get back in shape after the Holidays.

My youngest son is in a travel basketball league. We get 2 breaks a year. At the end of the breaks their practice is more about conditioning than skill building to slough off the extra weight and lethargy gained during their break.

Last night was the end of the Christmas break and a lot of conditioning took place. The one that always makes me cringe is “mops” – or bent over using your shirt to mop the gym floor as you go as fast as you can from one end to the other then back. Go Santa Anita Mountaineers-mop that floor!

How many others out there are in some sort of conditioning after the break?

Vid by me with the phonecam.

3 thoughts on “Mops – what one does to get back in shape after the Holidays.”

  1. I never fell for the “cleaning” line when I was in sports. I knew someone somewhere was just being lazy, the janitors or the coachs. We resisted and got to do layups and free-throws instead.

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