Metro: Um… We’ll Get Back To You

There has been quite a reaction to yesterday’s news regarding Metro’s construction timetables for new rail lines in Los Angeles. One of the biggest outcries comes at word that the Subway to the Sea – the Purple Line that currently terminates at Wilshire & Western – won’t even reach Westwood until the year 2032. Naturally, a lot of us had questions.

Jody Litvak of the Metro Westside Extension Study Team joined in on the comment section to update us on the Subway to the Sea’s progess. I shot her an email with a few questions:

1. Besides funding issues, why is the completion of the Purple Line to Santa Monica expected to take so long?

2. Does the projected completion date of 2032 to Westwood include the Pink Line extension from Hollywood/Highland (Alternative 11)? If not, how would that affect the Westside timetable?

3. With the city’s population expected to increase dramatically in the next 30 years, why aren’t there more projects on the drawing board, such as a possible SGV-SFV line connecting Pasadena-Glendale-Burbank-Universal-Sherman Oaks to connect with the 405 corridor?

Jody responded by referring me to Rick Jager at Metro’s Media Relations Department. I repeated my questions to Rick, which elicited the following response at 2:39 this afternoon:

Jason: Got your request. I will try to get back to you ASAP with some answers.

At the very least, I would expect them to be able to answer whether or not the projected completion date for Westwood includes the West Hollywood extension from Hollywood & Highland. Pink & Purple to Westwood in 2032? Or, just Purple? Anyone? Bueller?

So… Here we are. Waiting for an answer on why things are taking so long. In the meantime, feel free to:

  1. Write a novel
  2. Reorganize your digital photos
  3. Paint a mural
  4. Visit Spain
  5. Go sailing
  6. Take a cooking class
  7. Learn CSS
  8. Tutor a child
  9. Produce a documentary
  10. Lose your marbles

7 thoughts on “Metro: Um… We’ll Get Back To You”

  1. Why am I not surprised? If they can’t build the damn thing in a reasonable amount of time, why would you expect a snappy answer?!?!


  2. Item #3 with have a HUGE impact for all of us in the SFV and SGV. Its one I champion everytime I get a chance to. It is really the only train I have use for, so my motives are tainted, but I argued why last spring. In short it will better serve the region that the gold line that the local pols around me are pushing to serve their petty local issues at the expense of the region. Build the “Valley” lines and I’m on. Please do it before I am 80 is all I ask.

  3. I believe the MTA plans to hold a press conference today announcing that a reply to the general criticism will be completed in June, while a direct response to Jason’s inquiry will be available on February 29.

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