LA’s cultural stew in an email

Let’s see; Ellen Degeneris, Foreigner, Deepak Chopra, Marissa Tomei and hula hoops. I love when worlds collide in my inbox. Aside from the cultural references in play, it sounds like a pretty cool gig for Bryan Head, drummer about  town (and the country,) as well as holding down the rhythm section for LA’s Dead Rock West, the greatest band west of the Rockies. And who knows– if anyone can meditate while using a hula hoop, it would be Deepak. Tune in today and find out.

Hi everybody,

I’ll be on the Ellen Degeneres show Tomorrow, Tuesday the 6th with Foreigner. The show airs at 3 or 4 pm PST, depending on where you are. Also, Deepak Chopra and Marissa Tomei doing hula hoops (not with Deepak.)

Happy New Year!


Next month, Head hits the road with Supertramp.

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  1. Hey, I know Bryan! Really cool guy. Only ever seen him with Justin Clayton though. Good to hear he’s got some primo gigs lined up.

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