Christmas Tree Disposal Reminder

Happy New Year Neighbor!  Funny place to put your tree to celebrate Christmas…oh wait…I see. You haven’t heard about how to dispose of your tree in Los Angeles. I guess you don’t read LA Metblogs. Lucinda already gave you a lot of info on this. 

To reiterate, this weekend (Jan. 3 and 4) from 9am to 4pm both days, you can take your trees to drop-off sites all around LA.  For a full list, click here. If you want to start your “get fit” new years resolution, find yourself a saw and start hacking that tree to bits and it put it in the green bin. Great upper body workout and you save the gas to drive the tree to a drop off point.

If you leave your tree out, like the one pictured here, it will remain there until it decomposes or you hope Will Campbell drives by.

6 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Disposal Reminder”

  1. And those in areas not part of LA Services check your local trash service for their tree handling procedures.

    IE in my neighborhood all you have to do is put your tree on the curb on trash day next to your green waste and its picked up for turning into compost and mulch.

  2. Note, BTW, what it says at the bottom of the LA City Bureau of Sanitation page that you link to:

    Too big for the green bin or no tools? Place at curb on collection day.

    The tree in the pic above looks like it’s set up correctly for curb-side pickup: no stand, decorations, or tinsel, and standing at the curb near the green can, in a position that makes it easy for the truck’s pickup arm to grab it.

    It’s undoubtedly easier for the greenwaste pickup drivers if you can cut it up and stuff it in the green can, but the Bureau of Sanitation page seems to suggest they’ll pick up whole trees at curbside if necessary.

  3. Well I stand (as does the tree) corrected! Clearly I suffered from TLDR syndrome. Plus I we didn’t have a tree this year….oh well.

    Thanks for the info!

  4. I have chopped off all the branches for the “green bin” (I’m in London, but we still have ’em).

    The trunk, I will saw into sections, and then put to one side to dry out. And then it will get BURNED in my lovely open fire. Carbon neutral!

    I wish I had the time/energy/balls to go and get the trunks of all the trees I see (dumped on street corners) for firewood.

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