Blogherding in the SGV -Miss Havisham’s blog is dead


The Miss Havisham blog mysteriously disappeared without a word.  Equally mysterious the entire cast of characters returned on the Mademoiselle Gramophone blog.  Yes, Miss Havisham, Mary Kathleen O’Looney and the unnamed secretary have all returned.  There’s even an ongoing cameo with “psychiatrist” Dr Burchard, aka Petrea Burchard of the Pasadena Daily Photo blog.  This video is part of the series involving the complete and total mental collapse of Miss Havisham and yields few clues regarding the demise of the blog bearing her name.  

For the herding and snarks you need to make the jump.

  • “Pasadena Center of the Universe” outlines famous grads of troubled Muir High (also they prolly need a little ego check, LA is the center they just orbit a tight circle and pretend they don’t)
  • Mlle Gramaphone breaks the news Charles Phoenix is the next “Doo Dah Parade” King.
  • The Foothill City Blog returns after a catastrophic server crash, its a light version as the archives are mostly gone.
  • Sierra Madre has a new blog, well written and so far no troll flame wars at Sierra Madre Tattler.  Check their post regarding Pasadena councilman Steve “maserati” Madison’s disdain for bloggers.
  • Over in Pomona “Goddess of Pomona” weighs in with thoughts on sudden firing of their police chief as plot to fire their PD and hire LA Sheriff to watch their backs. 
  • MMMM-Pomona” resorts to restaurant reviews as filler.
  • Pasadena PIO offers up some links for help with Seasonal Affective Disorder.
Happy 2009 all…appears to be business as usual in my corner of LA.

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