Old Bank District Holiday Party with The Like, Whispertown 2000, Rumspringa, and Your Friend Beer

As if Saturday wasn’t going to be batshit crazy already (sorry, Santacon‘s sleigh passes are sold out), the Old Bank District is partnering with Little Radio for their annual holiday event, which’ll have a beer garden & cocktail bar, a holiday light installation, an art and gift bazaar, tasty specials at the local restaurants and live indie bands curated by the geniuses behind Little Radio, plus a live jazz band in Harlem Place Alley next to Lost Souls Cafe.

Blogdowntown scooped this info first thing but I thought I’d republish it here in case anyone doesn’t check BDT regularly (you should).

I so f’ing want this – even as *fot as it is!


spotted at Target, how before seen on the streets?
spotted at Target, how before seen on the streets?

Oh crap when I saw this I just had to stand back and laugh.  Then the reality hit, oh the uses I could have for this.  My little driver will soon be used by my oldest when she gets her license in February.  Imagine programming it to scroll “Driving bad?  Call my Dad…then my number” .  Of course “thanks for the wave“,”thanks for letting me in” or “stressed leave me alone” would work too and give my kids one less reason to be on the couch at 20.

It can be programmed with up to 5 messages.  What else could I put?  Your ideas?

What is funny is that in the time it took me to get through the line at Target and home to do this Post, Burns! saw the pic on my flickr and made a comment.  I’ll save him a keystroke or two, here is what he wrote:

Oh my god, yes! Can it create messages on the fly? Maybe I could modify it with some voice-to-text software so as to give some very specific messages to other drivers? 

I can’t answer his questions as I didn’t open the box.  I don’t know why I found it and most of what I saw at Target today so funny, but this one was the funniest and scariest at the same time.  Will it play in LA?  One never knows, but I think it will do well in Bumfuque, MO.  For gawds sake if you find one in the wild please send me the pic.

*fot =fresh outta the trailer park.  Similar to fob or fobby, only for folks with roots in a trailer park.

UC Irvine/Beall Center’s Constant World

This is the final weekend for Constant World, the multimedia exhibit at the campus’ Beall Center for Art + Technology gallery by artist husband-and-wife team Jennifer and Kevin McCoy.

Combining sculpture, cinema and technology, the couple constructs intricate dioramas monitored by small spy cameras that project scenes onto screens on surrounding walls. The McCoys explore their personal histories as well as cultural and social myths, some idyllic, others gone bizarrely awry– such as Big Box, which imagines the ubiquitous “big box” strip malls in ruins and overrun by zombies.

Constant World is the name of the largest work in the exhibit, which was commissioned by the British Film Institute and deconstructs their dioramas into small inverted pedestals dangling from chandelier-like structures hovering several feet above the gallery floor, like mutant metal beasts clutching their prey.

Constant World, UC Irvine’s Beall Center, at Claire Trevor School of Fine Arts, UC/Irvine CA 92697. Ends Sunday, Dec. 7th.

Rachel Maddow on Prop 8 voters

Seeking to analyze who voted yes on Proposition 8, the ballot measure that rescinded marriage rights for same-sex couples in California, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow weighed in (about 2:52 into this clip) on new polling results about the voters who favored the gay marriage ban.

Siting a new study by the Public Policy Institute of CA, she said,

What got initial attention for Prop 8 was the fact that the marriage ban was supported by a high proportion of African American voters, who also supported Barack Obama… But, quantitatively, if you get into the nitty gritty details, you can tell a lot more about how a person voted on Prop 8 by knowing their education level and income, whether or not they are a Republican, their religion and whether or not they voted for John McCain, rather than just knowing their race…

If you’re looking to see who the ban could not have passed without, it’s Republicans, Christian evangelicals and the poor and less educated among us. You’ve got your work cut out for you, gay rights movement.

Maddow’s show was broadcasting from San Francisco yesterday, so it’s possible she was spurred by PPIC President and CEO Mark Baldassare’s commentary in yesterday’s San Francisco Chronicle about the study’s results:

Prop. 8 won among both white and nonwhite voters without a college degree and among lower-income households, while it lost among both white and non-white voters with college degrees and among upper-income households.

Holiday Shopping in Mar Vista Next Three Weekends

The Mar Vista Farmers’ Market is gearing up for the Holidays with their Winter Festival for the next three Sundays. Along with the freshest veggies and fruits, there will be craft booths from the Mar Vista Arts and Crafts Collective, cooking demos with Amanda Cushman and music by Klezmer Juice to get you juiced up to shop. There are plenty of food booths to keep you going too, crepes, omeletes, BBQ, Peruvian delights, pastries, and much more.

Have you been naughty or nice? Rumor has it that Santa Claus will make an appearance.

Mar Vista Farmers’ Market
Grand View Blvd at Venice Blvd.
Sundays from 9am to 2pm

(click on image to make it larger.)

Lighting of the Angels Sucked And You Know It

Here are 4 reasons Los Angeles should be embarrassed by the Lighting of the Angels at L.A. Live:

  1. Host Adam Corolla – Yes, he’s a Los Angeles native. He can be pretty damned funny. But, is this really the guy you want to host a family-friendly tree-lighting event at the newest entertainment venue in L.A? He admittedly strayed from the teleprompter, got lost in what he was saying, and made Britney Spears visibly uncomfortable when mentioning her rise “from the ashes.” I hate to be the one to ask the question. But, was Seacrest not available?
  2. The Politicians – These are talking heads that wear suits and take credit whenever they can. A photo op turned into a battle for stage time as Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Councilwoman Jan Perry, and the dude from AEG all had to get their speaking time. Separately. Then, a bunch of other suits had to come on stage to get some face time, too. Not to mention the fun little jabs at who is a Trojan and who is a Bruin. So much for making this anything more than a local interest story.
  3. Britney – Natalie Cole sang. The highly-anticipated superstar shopping a brand new album didn’t. She didn’t dance. She hardly said a word. But, boy can she hold a wireless mike and throw a fake switch to light a fake tree.
  4. The Tree – I’ve been telling anyone who will listen that they made a mistake by not having a real Christmas tree to offset all the concrete, glass, and flashy advertisements of L.A. Live. But, it’s part of a 7-minute holiday multi-media light show, they said. What could go wrong? Nothing, if you like a botched countdown and a “tree” that just changes colors to music. I think you can buy those at Target.

Los Angeles missed another opportunity tonight. It could have begun an annual tradition rivaling the lighting of the tree in Rockefeller Center. It could have given the network reason to broadcast the event nationwide and show L.A. in a moment of festive glory. Get Kanye up there rocking a remake of Christmas in Hollis. Let the Foos do another orchestral masterpiece. Invite the Pussycat Dolls to do… whatever it is that they do.

Tonight, we witnessed something cheesy, fake, and lacking in that old holiday magic. What we got, was your parents’ old aluminum tree with the color wheel, and a joint visit from all your boring aunts & uncles.

Come to think of it, maybe it was perfect.

Because I Could Not Stop for Death…

Yesterday on my way to work, I passed this bus stop poster for Pom juice, which is apparently loaded with vampiric antioxidents. “Cheat Death” the ad promises, just by drinking juice. And I need to say this is perhaps the perfect LA ad campaign. Heck, it could be the city motto. “Cheat Death” is to LA what “Eureka” is to California. This is the city of magical thinking. A place where you’d never know it is a desert because our sprinkler systems water the lush greenery through every drought. Where no one ages because we would rather shoot snake venom in our foreheads and bee stings in our lips. Where gas prices rise and stocks fall and the number of Ford Flotillas on the road stays constant.

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In LaBonge We Trust

Out in Milwaukee, some neighborhoods have resorted to printing their own currency, usable only locally, to try and boost (or at least retain) revenue, usually with the funny money being valued 10% more than the US dollar. They say its legal, and as someone who’s been suckered into buying Disney Dollars, who am I to argue?

But it made me wonder – would this sort of concept fly anywhere in L.A.? Larchmont Village perhaps, or the Sunset Strip?

And whose mug would look best on Angeleno currency? Maybe the face of the Councilman in the neighborhood the buck would legal tender – picture Tom LaBonge‘s Cheshire grin while buying a coffee in Silverlake. The bills could also be a perfect spot for ads – pink Angelyne dollars, anyone?

Nominate LA Metblogs 2008 Grinch of the Year!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, or so they say. Its that season when we all try a little harder to be patient, being more passive and less aggressive, perhaps with the help of some spiked nog. But let’s face it, as we make our lists and check it twice, there’s got to be something to give to those that have been naughty. And that’s why for the third year LA Metblogs is asking readers to nominate individuals for the Grinch of the Year Award.

Last year Pasadena’s Mayor Bogaard was the winner, for allowing China, a country with a poor record of human rights, into the Rose Bowl Parade, as well as his kicking a grandma out of a city council meeting for protesting the action. And in our first year Zuma Dogg earned the title for being a thorn in the side of LA City Council (now he’s running for mayor, btw).

This year, who could it be? Sam Zell for continuing to run the LA Times into the ground? Alejandro Moreno and Juan Meza of Palm Desert for shooting each other dead at a Toy R Us on Black Friday? Pasadena Now’s James MacPherson for outsourcing writers to India for $7.50 per 1000 words? Or maybe El Coyote owner Marjorie Christoffersen for donating $100 to the Yes On Prop 8 campaign?

Nominees can be anyone who has been a Scrooge to Los Angeles residents, or a fellow Angeleno who gives the rest of us a bad name. Of course, the nominating process is entirely subjective, but feel free to name names and plead your case in the comments below. We’ll filter through suggestions over the next week or so, and then put final nominations up for vote.

What Ever Happened to the Courtesy Wave?

Has anyone else noticed that the courtesy wave seems to be largely a thing of the past? You know the wave–that nice hand gesture you give when someone lets you merge in heavy traffic or when they slow down enough to let you make your turn out of the drive way in front of them. Time was when you’d do the neighborly thing and cut another driver a break, and she or he would give you a little “thanks neighbor” hand gesture in return–yet another by-gone nicity of the social contract. Now you get bupkis. You slow down and inconvenience yourself to let someone in your lane and they can’t even flash you some fingers in return. There are the times when you make eye contact even. You’re like, “I thought we had a relationship here.” Sigh.

I don’t know about anyone else, but it honestly makes me feel like a chump.

(bewinca’s finger photo used with permission

Fire Sale: Sebastien Tellier, DJ Miss Toats & Heartsrevolution tix TONIGHT

Yes, I am teh lamezor. I almost forgot we have tix to give away to this sweet-ass show tonight with some fine fancy dancing to be had. If you want to go, and you should, put your name in the comments below. Sorry, I know that it kinda sucks to be all non-anonymous, but I don’t have time to chase you all down via email to get your full names to send to will-call. The first two people to put their names in the comments, GO. Simple as that. You get a plus-one, so bring a pal.


Resolution for 2009: Throw Out Dead Body

From LA Now:

Corpse found in North Hollywood home
9:57 AM, December 3, 2008

Police got a surprise when they went to a North Hollywood home this week: a decomposing corpse that may have been there for more than a year, the Daily News reports.

The doorways of the home, in the 6700 block of Vantage Avenue, were so filled with refuse and debris that Los Angeles Police Department officers could not get inside when they arrived Monday evening. Only after the Los Angeles Fire Department got there and helped remove a door were the officers able to search the home, with the consent of the man who lives there.

Police found the adult body inside. They declined to elaborate, saying they don’t know its age or sex because it had decomposed for so long. Coroner’s officials said the body was “skeletony” and believe it had been there for “quite some time.” The home was found in “pack rat” condition, said Ed Winter, a spokesman with the Los Angeles County coroner’s office.

Authorities were tipped off by someone involved with the pending foreclosure of the home who was concerned about the welfare of the resident, said Lt. Alan Hamilton of the Los Angeles Police Department.

— James Wagner

Come to think of it…… where’s my cat?