New 2009 Driving Laws: Don’t get a ticket for DWT

I have a theory that the reason traffic was so stupid this morning is because everyone was getting their last legal texting in before the new driving laws go into effect tomorrow. AAA of Southern California has a run down on the legal changes. Most are fee increases; it seems that Sacramento is attempting to balance the books by raising the fines for tickets and the cost of driving school.┬áThere are, however, a couple of new laws: In addition to┬áthe emailing and texting ban that you’ve probably already heard about, new regulations about the positioning of GPS devices also go into effect. (If they are affixed to the windshield they need to be in the lower right- or lower left-hand corner.) Sadly, there is not yet a regulation on simple douchebaggery. Perhaps in 2010.

(Hammered phone photo courtesy of jzlomek.)

2 thoughts on “New 2009 Driving Laws: Don’t get a ticket for DWT”

  1. Dang you beat me to the listing the changes in the driving laws that take effect 1/1/09.

    Texting will be even less enforceable than the ban on cell phones while driving. Why? Because everyone swears they can do it one handed below window level and a cop will never know. Lame, but thats the mentality. If you look closely the number of cyborgs bluetoothing it behind the wheel has dropped dramatically and replaced with the cell phone against the year.

    The various taxes fees on driving will also go up after the first of the year. The snakes in Sac figured out they only need 51% for fees vs 2/3 for taxes so they are adding “fees” to the cost of licensing a car for next year. The amount reported is nominal per car at $12-17/car but what irks me is that money goes to the general fund not for the transportation infrastructure.

    I doubt that the gps will be enforced much either. No money given to agencies to do it. More importantly the number of video screens in the front seat which has been illegal for decades is continuing to increase and that isn’t being enforced either.

    In short all those pinheads doing stupid stuff will continue to do so, fewer will be caught and it will be no real change in our safety on the roads. Argh….douchebaggery will continue as you can’t legislate morality or behavior.

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