Christmas isn’t cold and its VDay already at WalfriggenMart

I lost the coin toss to see who got to take the kids to walmart to use their freaking gift cards.  Despite requests she not give them cards from walmart ,my sister still does it.  Anyway..imagine my horror when I see Valentines Day up.  Sheesh Christmas isn’t even cold, NYE is still days away and they want us to flash forward nearly 2 months?  As if maybe the world will look better in 2 months?  I don’t think so.

pic by me with the trusty phone cam.

4 thoughts on “Christmas isn’t cold and its VDay already at WalfriggenMart”

  1. I stopped in a Rite Aid the day after Christmas hoping to score some discounted lights – there was already an entire aisle of Valentine’s Day candy.

  2. It used to be state law that you could always cash them out in California. Anyone know if you still cab redeem/return gift cards and certificates in California for their cash value?

  3. Is this the one off the 210? I had to get my car fixed at Assael’s a few February’s ago and needed diapers for the kids. It was like a few days before Valentine’s Day and they had Easter stuff up too.

  4. Yes Faboo its the friggen walmart at 210 & Mountain.

    Marshall, not sure about the ability to cash out. Fortunately (or unfortunately as the case maybe) the boys picked up guitar hero with the cards.

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