And Now: Broguiere’s, A Fond Recollection

When I grow up I wanna go back in time and be a Broguiere’s milk man!

Following up on my rant last week about going everywhere my favorite egg nog ain’t, I’m happy to report that our Saturday morning trip out to Broguiere’s Farm Fresh Dairy in the flats of Montebello was a resounding success. But talk about an unassuming establishment. Hell, upon arrival we drove right by it because instead of signage trumpeting Broguiere’s, the marquee read Montebello Sanitary Dairy and stood over what was little more than a  drive-through store in the midst of vast tracts of an agridustrial landscape.

There was no gift shop with Brog’s merch a-plenty. No fancy people in throwback uniforms. No tours offered every hour on the hour. No happy cows talking to each other.  Just a darkened portal behind stacks of crated empty bottles from which workers would emerge wheeling loaded-up handtrucks to restock supplies in the refrigerated cases lined up behind a register that was manned by a guy who probably operates carnival rides on his days off and who I’m pretty sure would’ve asked me if I really thought he gave a hoot had I dared vocalize any first-visit glee.

So I kept my ecstaticity buttoned down and got to the task at hand and we couldn’t help but go a bit overboard. Two, maybe three bottles of nog became four plus a quart of chocolate milks and a half gallon of 2%. Never before in my life have I purchased $26 worth of milk products at one time . But I will again — and more. Next year I’m gonna clear the bottom shelf of the fridge and begin an annual Broguiere’s run and it’s gonna be egg nog for every lactose tolerator on my Christmas list.

What and Where: Broguiere’s Farm Fresh Dairy, 505 S Maple Ave, Montebello 90640 (map), 323/726-0524. And yes: it is the one company left on the planet that does not have a web site. None.

Photo by Susan Campbell from her Flickr set.