Just Call Me “Dances With Rabbits”

As you may or may not know, I’ve become something of an on-the-fly abandoned animal ambassador, a patron of the put-out. I carry a leash and some spare dry dog kibble wherever I go as a “just in case,” and those cases have increased dramatically of late. In fact, for the third day in a row on my treks to/from work I’ve encountered a stray animal. Day 1 was the saddest case and the biggest fail in me trying to assist a lost and half-starved pitbull in Jefferson Park whose fear left him too determined to avoid me. Day 2 featured a minor success in finding and returning a pitbull in my neighborhood that had gotten out of its nearby yard. Day 3, involved the biggest surprise in me biking up Crescent Heights in between Pico and Olympic and coming up on a cute little white bunny munching on some grass near the curb. WTF?

As you can see in the clickable thumbnail at right I was actually successful in wrangling the wascally wabbit and holding him up for my timelapsing handlebar cam to capture. In fact, my cam dutifully caught and condensed the entire capture dance I had with the critter, embedded below.

As a bonus I knocked on a couple of doors, first to learn that the bunny’s become something of a local legend and that it was pretty amazing I was able to catch it single-handedly since so many others have tried and failed; second I was pointed to the location of the bunny’s home; and then third I found out from one of residents there that her roommate who owns the bunny actually allows it to roam the property freely and it has been doing so (much to the concern of passersby and neighbors — and now me) for about a month. Gah!

As politely as I could all the while holding the now calm and contented cuteness to my chest I  tried to make it clear that there were several reasons why such irresponsible actions were reeeeeeaaaaalllly not in the best interest of the bunny. But while the roommate agreed, it was not her bunny to protect and thus I made no headway in getting the bunny to a more secure environment… you know, like one more than a few feet away from loud roadkill-creating vehicles. Ultimately after contemplating how poorly the furball might handle the rest of my crosstown bike trip in my cramped backpack, I was forced to return the bundle of adorable to slightly safer patch of grass that it commenced munching upon. Sigh. I try.

Now I’m off to the LA Grand Crew Beer Ride 2008. Beautiful day for it. In the meantime, enjoy the waltz:


7 thoughts on “Just Call Me “Dances With Rabbits””

  1. Will you are my hero and one for all the lone bunnies on the streets of LA. Rock on, one of these days your rescues may find a home. With me and my fam.

  2. LM because their parents were too stupid to consider birth control and murder is, well do you really want spend time eliminating a turd like that?

  3. The beer ride was everything that’s spectacular about cycling and beer and people and LA. It was a beautiful day for a bike ride, which stuck mainly to LA’s reeeeeal eastside with a tangent into Glendale before ending up at Verdugo Bar in Glassell Park for food and general merriment.

    Multiple links will probably get this comment slammed by the spam filter, but here goes:

    Bunny-free timelapse of the 22-mile ride is here:


    Flickr photos here:


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