Taking A Bough

Just after Thanksgiving 2007 I posted here something of a status report on the wee bit o’ an afghan pine seedling I received when recycling our Christmas tree at the beginning of January of that year. She wasn’t more than a few inches tall at the time.

But I immediately I transplanted her in the pot (as seen on the right, click to enlarge) and put her in the backyard and have since tended to her successful and progressive upward mobility. A year ago she’d reached two feet in height and in my aforementioned post I wax optimistic/futurific as to the possibility of decorating her for this season:

“…if all continues to go and grow well we’ll be transplanting this living gift to a larger pot in 2008 and it could be we’ll haul it into the foyer to decorate for the 2008 holidays and those to come until it’s too big to bring inside and then we’ll install it in the backyard where the sky’s the limit.”

Well since then she’s added about another foot and a half while also branching out a bit, and while she’s still an adolescent and thus rather gangly and spindly and not ready to handle ornaments, we decided to forego the usual frivolity of paying much bucks for a dead fir and instead went frugal bringing her inside and dressing her up carefully with some lights and stuff (clickably thumbnailed at left).

Biased though I be (call it pride of nurtureship), I think she’s the best tree ever — and FTW: the money saved can go to buying that much more egg nog on our run to Broguiere’s dairy in Montebello this weekend.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

2 thoughts on “Taking A Bough”

  1. Wow. Good for you. And if you have it in a big enough wheeled pot you can enjoy that tree for years. That is how real christmas trees should be done.

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