MyKey – your key to saving your kid from themselves

In all actuality I wish I had the MyKey feature on our Focus.  Like many buyers of the Ford Focus, ours is meant as the car for the new drivers in the house to use to learn to drive.  The Focus has all the right qualities for the new driver: perfect size, great economy and safe as well.  

Ford upped the ante and gives the parents more controls to help ensure the new driver is staying safe with MyKey.  The feature is available on the 2009 Ford Focus initially and will eventually be rolled out some of the other models in the Ford line.  I actually wish I was in the market for a new car as this would be high on the list for my soon to be licensed teen.  

In short MyKey allows the holder of the parent key the ability to set parameters of the cars use to help make certain some risks the young driver faces are minimized.  Its a huge leap from back when I got my license and my folks tracked mileage.  The MyKey system allows parents to set specific parameters to ensure safety equipment is used and potential distractions are limited.  It makes the “valet key” seem prehistoric with the features it provides.  The features are easily set with the parent key and can only be altered with the parent key.   Some of the features a parent can select that I really liked:

  • Limit volume on the sound system to 40%
  • Allow sound system to operate only when all front seat belts are in use
  • Limit speed to 80 mph
  • audible speed warning at preset speeds
  • Prevent disabling of the Advanced Traction Control system

You can download the entire press release if you want the details: ford_mykey-press-release.  To see some pics of the options as displayed during programming  you need to make the jump.  To get the full deets on the new logo, well you have to make the jump as well.

The frazGOES logo is the brainchild of our city captain Lucinda Michelle.  Since I’m the car-nut (nut job?) that loves cars and do the most reporting of the topic I’m getting my own special logo.  

The logo was done by the creative genius Seth Dowling.  Seth took my ramblings and created this totally awesome logo combining my love of BBCA’s “Top Gear” and “Hotwheels”. Wow.  It came of way better than I could have imagined, certainly way better than I deserve. Do contact Seth if you want help manufacturing your own logo via email to Seth (at) unventure (dot) com.  You can also read his blog about life with non-adventures the Unventure.

pics by me.  Logo by the incredibly talented Mr Dowling.

5 thoughts on “MyKey – your key to saving your kid from themselves”

  1. Thats actually pretty rich there benjamin. To be truthful I don’t know if Ford or any other manufacturer bought ad space from whomever for here.

    As far s the cars go, I’ll look at anyones cars who wants to give me access to them. So far its been the domestics but I can think of more than a few foreign cars I’d like to get my hands on.

  2. I thought I saw a little Top Gear-ish design in there. LOVE that show. I’m looking forward to US Top Gear, cause we’ll be able to blog it too! They shoot in Downey studios and do the track stuff down here at El Toro!

    If I can get tix, I may know who to bring with! :-)

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