7 a.m. Report: Silver Lake Stromwartch11!!1

Utilizing the entirely scientific method involving an initially bone dry backyard waterbowl and an archaic instrument from my days as a jernoleest back before the internest and when Pagemaker rooled the day, I am more excited than necessary to report that my Silver Lake backyard has received just a hair shy of 7.5 picas (roughly 1.125 inches) of percepitation in the period beginning at 9:34 p.m. last night when the first drops commenced their descent to 7 a.m. this morning, which is redundant.

Next scheduled report: 7 p.m. this evening, which is again redundant.

6 thoughts on “7 a.m. Report: Silver Lake Stromwartch11!!1”

  1. I’m not sure when it started, 2ish I am told by my smarter half. When I got up around 5 we were about 1.5 inches. Its pushing a bit more than 2.
    Stay dry…or did you drive/bus it today?

  2. No, you’ve received more than 7.5 picas. The measuring starts at the flat part that extends out to the side. Your 7.5 measurement fails to take into account the large rounded top of the pica pole.

  3. Fraz: Indeed, I opted for four wheels for the work commute today.

    Absconded: You are absolutely right. Now I need to get another pica pole to measure how many picas constitute the rounded portion. Will the madness ever stop!?

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