Keep Your Job, L.A. The Suck Will Only Get Worse

CurbedLA just posted about a new report that predicts rising unemployment to last through 2010.

From the UCLA Anderson Forecast:

“The news from the economy is bad,” writes Anderson Forecast senior economist David Shulman in his essay “The Balance Sheet Recession.” “The recession we had previously hoped to avoid is now with us in full gale force.”

Nationally, we can expect the loss of 2 million jobs over the next 12 months. In California, “the unemployment rate is expected to rise as high as 8.7 percent next year and remain at that level through 2010.”

So, anyone still think this is a good time for SAG to strike?

3 thoughts on “Keep Your Job, L.A. The Suck Will Only Get Worse”

  1. Now that is odd and quite the opposite of what the Anderson group was forecasting on Ch5 this am. They forecast the economy and jobless to stabilize mid-2009 with the recovery thereafter. Whom to believe.

  2. Every time I see Alan Rosenberg on the news promoting the strike, I cringe. I don’t think the LA economy can survive another strike. Hell, I don’t think the California economy could survive it. I hope the SAG members vote a big NO!

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