ICME : Santa in a bug

About 2:30 or so we’re on our way to the dentist.  Stopped at a light on Foothill Blvd, just waiting and it caught my eye.  An old bug pulling up behind me.  I had to look twice, yup a red cap.  I turned around and saw it was Santa.  On a cell phone no less.  My daughter grabbed the pic of him on the phone just before our light changed.

My only regret is my  youngest is too old to believe in Santa anymore.  What fun it would have been to point out there’s Santa checking to see who’s naughty or nice.  When I did point it out to him, he looked and went “Santa is being naughty, its against the law to drive and talk on the cell”.  

The pic does get bigger but not a whole lot better with a quick click.

6 thoughts on “ICME : Santa in a bug”

  1. Last Saturday night, I saw a guy dressed like Santa wearing a Mowhawk walking down Sunset in SilverLake. Only in LA.

  2. In order to remain strictly on topic, I should’ve added that talking on the cell phone while driving definitely gets Santa on the ‘naughty’ list.

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