I so f’ing want this – even as *fot as it is!


spotted at Target, how before seen on the streets?
spotted at Target, how before seen on the streets?

Oh crap when I saw this I just had to stand back and laugh.  Then the reality hit, oh the uses I could have for this.  My little driver will soon be used by my oldest when she gets her license in February.  Imagine programming it to scroll “Driving bad?  Call my Dad…then my number” .  Of course “thanks for the wave“,”thanks for letting me in” or “stressed leave me alone” would work too and give my kids one less reason to be on the couch at 20.

It can be programmed with up to 5 messages.  What else could I put?  Your ideas?

What is funny is that in the time it took me to get through the line at Target and home to do this Post, Burns! saw the pic on my flickr and made a comment.  I’ll save him a keystroke or two, here is what he wrote:

Oh my god, yes! Can it create messages on the fly? Maybe I could modify it with some voice-to-text software so as to give some very specific messages to other drivers? 

I can’t answer his questions as I didn’t open the box.  I don’t know why I found it and most of what I saw at Target today so funny, but this one was the funniest and scariest at the same time.  Will it play in LA?  One never knows, but I think it will do well in Bumfuque, MO.  For gawds sake if you find one in the wild please send me the pic.

*fot =fresh outta the trailer park.  Similar to fob or fobby, only for folks with roots in a trailer park.

11 thoughts on “I so f’ing want this – even as *fot as it is!”

  1. every time I take the 5 to Northern California I wish for something like this so I could flash “SLOWER TRAFFIC MOVE RIGHT” to the f’tards who want to live their whole lives in the left lane. That or, “Your turn signal is still on” and “Do your headlights really need to be that obnoxious?!” The possibilities are endless.

    FOT <–totally loving it.

  2. lmao javajunkie, if it would be programmed to be reversed so it would be read in the rearview mirror in front the possiblilities like you noted would be endless. And entertaining.

    Glad you liked FOT, I coined that this morning while at target as half of what I saw was dedicated to them.

  3. you’re right, I was thinking of it in terms of when I finally get around the bastards here’s what I’d like them to see, but being able to signal it to them in their rearview would be a godsend!

  4. Dammit, I totally had this idea years ago :(.

    Just imagine anyone with an opinion to spread on their car bumper.

    People who want you to know what Jesus died for.
    People who require you to give them Marijuana, Sex or gasoline to ride in their vehicles
    People who feel strongly about evolution.

    This thing is gonna blow up. I shoulda got in on the ground floor.

  5. The mind reels at the possibilities, doesn’t it??

    “Hang up and drive” has always been one of my favs.

    “There’s a speed limit, asshole.” would be another…

    And “Sorry about the Penis” for all those guys in those enormous, jacked-up trucks.

  6. The Top Gear guys used one of these in their segment about RV’s. Jeremy programmed James’ cell number on the sign and instructed the people behind the RV to call and complain about how slow he drove.

  7. How did I miss this post yesterday?

    How many times have I wanted the “Slower Traffic Keep Right” message to flash at the f’tard doing 63mph in the left lane on the 5 north? And I’ll bet with a little tinkering we could pop the back off this thing and reprogram it to send all the letters backward for reading in said f’tard’s mirror.

    Oh, so tempting…

  8. i prefer the standard classic,” Fuck You: Go Around” About 15 years ago I spotted that gem written on a license plate frame hanging on a post apocolyptic Pontiac Grand Am puttering down the I 15. The driver looked fresh outta Pelican Bay. All I could do was give him the big thumbs up. It works for me.

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