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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, or so they say. Its that season when we all try a little harder to be patient, being more passive and less aggressive, perhaps with the help of some spiked nog. But let’s face it, as we make our lists and check it twice, there’s got to be something to give to those that have been naughty. And that’s why for the third year LA Metblogs is asking readers to nominate individuals for the Grinch of the Year Award.

Last year Pasadena’s Mayor Bogaard was the winner, for allowing China, a country with a poor record of human rights, into the Rose Bowl Parade, as well as his kicking a grandma out of a city council meeting for protesting the action. And in our first year Zuma Dogg earned the title for being a thorn in the side of LA City Council (now he’s running for mayor, btw).

This year, who could it be? Sam Zell for continuing to run the LA Times into the ground? Alejandro Moreno and Juan Meza of Palm Desert for shooting each other dead at a Toy R Us on Black Friday? Pasadena Now’s James MacPherson for outsourcing writers to India for $7.50 per 1000 words? Or maybe El Coyote owner Marjorie Christoffersen for donating $100 to the Yes On Prop 8 campaign?

Nominees can be anyone who has been a Scrooge to Los Angeles residents, or a fellow Angeleno who gives the rest of us a bad name. Of course, the nominating process is entirely subjective, but feel free to name names and plead your case in the comments below. We’ll filter through suggestions over the next week or so, and then put final nominations up for vote.

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  1. Ha, I have at least one I shared in private. Dick Singer Monrovia’s PIO who tried to deny me a press packet at a press conference last spring announcing that I wasn’t media and only when I stood my ground he gave me the stuff with the admonishment “I don’t consider you media, I consider you an advocate”. Of course that was a compliment to me, AND it opened all sorts of doors for me legitimatizing my role as media.

  2. I want to nominate the MOCA trustees, because for years their lack of oversight and endowment building has brought the institution to its knees. But Sam Zell’s slash and burn management of the LA Times makes him the Grinch of 2008, hands down.

  3. Zell’s a definite frontrunner, but if I may I’d like to introduce a collective nominee in the form of the every one of the religiots who complained enough about the alleged impact the L.A. Marathon had on their church’s attendance to get the city to cave in and mandate its date being changed.

  4. LA City Councilman Tom LaBonge, self-proclaimed Patron Saint of Cycling, for banning cyclists from the Griffith Park Holiday Light Festival. He first decommissioned the Crystal Springs bike lane in order to create another lane for motor vehicles and then surveyed his handiwork, proclaiming a ban on cyclists saying “it’s no longer safe for cyclists because of all of the motor vehicle traffic!”

  5. At first I was thinking El Pollo Loco franchisee Roland Spongberg for donating $6000 to Proposition 8, or the Mormon church, or fundamentalist churches in general. I think the board of MOCA are certainly deserving. The ‘Religiots,’ as Will calls them, are definitely the most Grinchiest nominees for ruining LA’s best Sunday morning party of the year.

    But Sam Zell, he is both a Grinch, and a Scrooge. A pigheaded businessman who’s slash and burn managing of an LA institution, has left the paper nearly unreadable. Its so pathetic, that this year I’m hoping to claim my subscription as charity.

    Regarding The Griffith Park Light Festival, I didn’t know about St. LaBonge’s fall from grace. Personally, as a cyclist, I am so tired of fighting for access to that crappy light display. I can’t figure out why thousands will sit in hours of traffic and exhaust fumes to drive through such an unimpressive light display.

  6. In the interest of spurring discussion, I’ll reiterate some suggestions from elsewhere:

    – LAUSD Supt. David Brewer, for refusing to step down in face of pressure from a coalition of school board members, city officials and community activists.
    – Jeff Flint, manager of the “Yes on 8” campaign, for working hard to deny people in the love the right to marry one another this holiday season.
    – Gov. Schwarzenegger, for trying to reduce all state employees pay to minimum wage.
    – James Fayed, for hiring a dude to stab his wife to death in a Century City parking garage.

  7. lucindamichele – the Griffith Festival of Lights is vehicle free until the 7th – no cyclists! (There’s bike parking at the perimeter, cyclists must get off and walk)

  8. My vote (and I would guess the like ½ million other LAUSD parents , most of whom don’t visit this blog, would agree with me) LAUSD Supt. David Brewer for being so unable to do the job he was hired for and not being man enough to step down. Runner up would be the members of the LAUSD Board who hired Brewer.

  9. I’ll throw in my suggestions for:

    – Sam Zell. I miss the LA Times. :(
    – My brother left the LAUSD as a teacher (and a fucking incredible one, at that) and I blame David Brewer. Fuck him.
    – Tom LaBonge. I plan on riding through Griffith Park every goddamn night to prove that he’s a moron.
    – JEFF FLINT. Amen to that asshole.

  10. I nominate Monrovia Councilmember Tom Adams for the Grinch of the Year Award for timing his resignation from the City Council to fall after December 21st, 2008 thereby depriving the community of their Democratic right to vote a replacement to his seat on the City Council without calling for an expensive special election in these trying economic times.

    If Tom Adams resigned on or before December 21st, 2008 the current council would have the option of placing his seat on the ballot for the April 14th, 2009 council election or appointing a replacement of their choice.

    With two incumbent council members running for their council seats and another councilmember running for the Mayors seat I doubt that they would do anything other then place the vacant seat of Tom Adams on the 2009 council election and let the community decide who will fill out the remaining term of that seat. If they did otherwise they would probably be committing political suicide in the community.

    The very divisive timing of his resignation on March 30th, 2009 will allow the currently seated council the opportunity to select a replacement to fill his vacated seat after the 2009 election is over if they decide to do so. There is one council meeting after the council election April 14th, 2009 and the certification of the election results and instillation of any new council members and Mayor on May 5th, 2009 in which the current council members could opt to make an appointment and not worry about the fallout affecting their reelection results. This would allow the current council to influence the power structure of the council for their purposes.

  11. Good one Cyrus. Always on point, Tom’s promise to initiate term limits never happened either, voted to give our city manager a sweet heart deal – negatively amortized loan on his home with below market interest on top of it.

  12. Sam Zell for sure. My copy of the LA Times keeps shrinking at a rate faster than today’s US economy.

  13. I made a mistake on one of the dates in my nomination statement of Tom Adams. The date of his resignation is April 30th,2009 not March 30th, 2009.

    This typo does not change any of the other information in my statement of nomination.

  14. I would like to nominate Pasadena Mayor Bill Bogaard, the Linda Vista/Annandale Association, the West Pasadena Residents’ Association, Pasadena Heritage (and the rest of those Pasadena preservationist groups) and the Tournament of Roses for the LIFETIME Achievement Award as “Grinch(es) of the Year,” for their successful accomplishment of continuously violating the Human Rights, as well as Civil Rights, of the working class (including Whites) and poor Black and Latino/Hispanic residents of the City of Pasadena, by keeping Apartheid alive and thriving.

    In a city where only 39% of the population is Caucasian (2007 US Census), the above mentioned, have managed to keep the majority residents of “color” segregated in the Northwest and central districts of Pasadena, where public services, medical care and employment opportunities are vastly inferior. They have blocked attempts to increase much needed housing. They have no problems having Hispanic housekeepers and gardeners, they just don’t want them living in their neighborhoods or city. And whenever affordable housing is allowed in Pasadena, it is NEVER in the neighborhoods of the above groups. Plus, they have allowed the developers to OVER develop in the working class areas, while at the same time preventing any changes to their pristine neighborhoods. They seem to have buildings in this town declared “historical,” as an excuse to keep the poor and ethnic minorities out. Pretty soon, the poor and working class will have no place to live in Pasadena. And this is probably part of their Master Plan.

    The public school system is a mess. The majority of the school age Caucasian students attend private schools. 16.7% of the Pasadena USD students are White, and 54.7% of the students are eligible for the Free and Reduced meals. (California Department of Education website). A couple of years ago, the Linda Vista/Annandale and West Pasadena Residents’ Association managed to block an NFL team from coming to the Rose Bowl. By doing, so they prevented much needed jobs from coming to Pasadena. Their excuse was “traffic” and congestion, but in reality, they didn’t want too many of “those people” in their lily white neighborhoods, especially those Raiders fans. They had to make sure that “those people” stay east of the Rose Bowl.

    The Tournament of Roses tries to show “political correctness” by always having at least ONE token Asian, ONE token African American (generally light complected, with Anglo features) and ONE token Hispanic (also fair complexion) on the Rose Queen court. This year they even made the TOKEN Asian queen, to make up for the mini- Tiananmen Square from the last Rose Parade.
    (Thirty years ago they didn’t even bother having the token Latina).

    Anyone who lives in Pasadena, and is honest with him or herself should know that this type of stuff goes on all of the time. (Also, the working class of Pasadena includes Caucasian residents, not just ethnic minorities).

  15. Wow….can Bogaard win twice? Probably not as those problems outlined took many years more than Bogaard was in office to happen.

    District 1 missed its chance for a voice and someone to take care of them. Look no further than Robin Salzer and his many projects helping out in District 1. For starters his Lemonade Brigade that will get a post later in the month on giving and all he’s done. Maybe you all could convince him to run and put him in place to help change that district and the city has a whole. Double dog dare you.

  16. frazgo:

    If I lived in District 1, I would have voted for Robin Salzer. He really is an asset to Pasadena.

    I nominated Mayor Bogaard as the “figurehead” who represents the majority of the City Council and the rich old biddies that are suppressing the working class and poor. Soon there will not be a middle class in Pasadena.

  17. I’d like to nominate the South Pomona representative of the Three Valley’s Water District Xavier Alvarez. He boasted of being a Congressional Medal of Honor winner when he had never served in the military, argued that those who support the military and objected were racists. His official bio for the ballot claimed that he had an engineering degree from Cal Poly Pomona, who has no record that he ever attended. And, he is also under indictment for fraud in claiming his ex wife as his spouse for purposes of putting her on his taxpayer supported health benefits.

    Not bad for an elected official.

  18. I want to nominate Martin Sheen for stating in democratic party literature that drug dealers are preying on our children, when the issue was a policy issue regarding incarceration of non-violent offenders. see


    I wish I had saved the election flier. he is such a self-righteous a-hole. And, I wish that when he talks about drug dealers he’d be a little more explicit in detail; plant, powder, liquid, or chemical, Mr. Sheen. There is a difference.

  19. I want to nominate Monrovia City Manager Scott Ochoa and council persons Rob Hammond, Tom Adams, Dan Kirby and Mary Ann Lutz. They lie constantly and when proven wrong refuse to admit their wrings. Any time a resident speaks up at a city council meeting that resident is systematically picked apart or yelled at. They are not professional and are currently side stepping our democratic rights by backdooring Tom Adams’ replacement onto the council by not letting we residents vote that position in.

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