Win tix to Jonathan Richman 12/3 at the El Rey!

Our boy from the Modern Lovers continues to craft sweet and spirited pop songwriting with a folky, heartfelt inflection.

That there’s my “music writing” blather. Really, I just want to say that I loved his work with the MLs and now my heart belongs to him anew, once I heard “Our Dog Is Getting Older Now” a few years ago. I know he got a few new fans with his cameos in “Something About Mary,” too.  So he’s got that going for him, which is nice.

Wanna go to the show? So do we all, my friend. So do we all.

Oh! You want to know how to win? Right. Yes. Hmm. Howabout you ‘splain me what a huuuuge fan of Mr. Richman you are, and why you should deserve to go, instead of my shiksa ass.

If you simply must go and can’t risk attempting to win this silly little contest, you can go here and cover YOUR shiksa ass.

2 thoughts on “Win tix to Jonathan Richman 12/3 at the El Rey!”

  1. I don’t know if I really DESERVE to win, since I just won tickets not too long ago, but since no one’s entered yet I’ll give it a shot. The first time I heard the Modern Lovers was in college. I’d dropped acid with a bunch of friends, and one of them commandeered the stereo and played the best of Jonathan Richman over, and over, and over… for hours. To this day most of the people I was with refuse to ever listen to another Jonathan Richman song, but it had the opposite effect on me. I think because at the time I had an unrequited crush on a girl named Cathy, so I really connected with “Abdul and Cleopatra” about this guy who can’t be with the girl he loves, and he decides he’d rather be alone than be with anybody else.
    Unlike Abdul, I gave up on the girl a few months later. Still love the song, though.

  2. 1. My husband and I fell in love with Jonathan Richman as the soundtrack.

    2. My husband’s birthday is the 12th and I’m broke as a joke, and this would be a really nice early birthday present and help me out a lot.

    3. I can’t afford tickets online with all the charges, so I was going to try and get them at the box office day-of-show, which would mean leaving early from my job tomorrow. I bust my ass as a registered nurse, often whilst humming “Springtime in New York.”

    4. I once shook the man’s hand as he was getting off a Greyhound bus in Minneapolis. All he had was his guitar and a suitcase. He got off the bus, walked to the club, played the show, then walked back, and got right back onto another Greyhound to go to his next stop. That’s punk as fuck for a guy who sings about thrift stores and little insects.

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