And On The Fourth Day He Stepped Back From The Leftovers And Rode His Bike

While there’s no video from this past Thanksgiving weekend of me basically stuffing my face at every freakin’ opportunity (and don’t think I don’t know how thankful you are for that lack of documentation), on the last day I did manage to step away from the fridge, mount the handlebar cam and engage in some physical activity in a desperate counterattack against my inner gluttonian.

In righteous victory and in the hopes you’ll enjoy the trip, I offer a condensed timelapse version of my 26-mile bike ride that starts and ends in Silver Lake and includes one flat tire, one coyote (around the 5:12 mark), one observatory and a lot of winding roads getting up to the tops of Elysian and Griffith parks and down on an insanely beautiful last day of November.


PS. In my fluxuating capacity as chief bottlewasher for the International Association of Armed Librarians / Mobile Assault Force (IAAL•MAF) I’m pleased to announce our next public spinvitational is coming up: a decidedly non-hilly 65-miler we’re calling the MepTRic Centurionz Ride scheduled for December 13. Details are here at Join us, won’t you?

One thought on “And On The Fourth Day He Stepped Back From The Leftovers And Rode His Bike”

  1. Great video will. I have yet to explore elysian park – is there a google map of this portion of your cycling loop? I would love to include it in my next ride. also, never knew the hill near forest lawn in griffith was called the roller coaster.

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