Pre-Election Day Reminder: “Yes on 8” Means “No on Marriage Rights”

In light of a very enlightening, bipartisan ballot initiative review party I attended last night, it seems important this morning to remind people that the language of Proposition 8 can be a little confusing. So read carefully and make sure you’re voting the way you want to vote. A “Yes” vote on on Proposition 8 eliminates the right of same sex couples to marry. A “No” vote preserves the existing California constitution and the existing right for same sex couples to marry. Write yourself a cheat sheet or fill out your sample ballot and take it to the voting booth with you tomorrow so you don’t have to try to remember which vote means what when it’s time to actually cast it.

That said, I hope you’re all voting against Prop 8, and if you are you should know that while the current polling shows it being defeated 49% against to 44% for, polling of people who have already cast votes via absentee ballot or early voting shows that more than 50% of them voted Yes. That means Prop 8 will pass unless all of you No voters actually go out and vote. So, if you’re really against Prop 8, make sure you get your ass out to vote early today [PDF link], or to the polls tomorrow, and take the time to call your friends and family to make sure they’re doing the same. Hell, I’m sure some of you have an elderly grandparent or carless mom that could use a lift to the polls tomorrow. And if you’re one of those people that’s not bothering to vote because you figure Obama’s got CA in the bag, please leave your address in the comments so I can come over to your house and kick you square in the babymaker.

Prop 8 aside, any other ballot initiatives that have people scratching their heads? I’m guessing that more than a few of you are going to say “Prop 11.”

ADDENDUM: Ophelia Chong of KCET’s 404 City blog was also in attendance last night, and here’s her summary.

L.A. River Path lights coming back?

Gutted and sawn
When I first spotted this today on the L.A. River Bike Path near Griffith Park, I thought:

“Great, the junkies are at it again, digging for those tasty sellable morsels of copper wire. Only now they have a frickin’ concrete saw.”

Then I skated a little farther and saw a different vault situation (after the jump) … Continue reading L.A. River Path lights coming back?

ICME: “X” marks the spot but why?

It caught my eye and I don't know why.

It caught my eye and I don't know why.


Today is one of those blah days.  No energy but wanted to do something.  The thought of TV bored me.  The thought of another campaigner on the stoop wasn’t too thrilling either.  Everyone else in the house was in the same funk, maybe the post halloween sugar crash?  

I meandered over to the Lario Bike Trail and Park over in Azusa just off Foothill.  With camera in hand I took off along the various paths along the railroad tracks.  I just enjoyed the brisk breeze on an autumn day.  I brought along my camera but wasn’t really too motivated to shoot. 

A few things caught my eye along the way.  To see them all you need to make the jump. Continue reading ICME: “X” marks the spot but why?

Win Tix to The Faint with Dr. Dooom & Mika Miko on Monday Wednesday

Finally, The Faint are back! They play the Wiltern on Monday Wednesday the 3rd 5th. The last time I saw The Faint I didn’t actually see them; they were playing The Smell downtown, which is basically an overgrown hallway with cool art, great bands, an amazing proprietor and awesome vegan food. The band was at one end of the long, narrow venue, and I was at the other end, standing on tip-toes at five-foot-one. Suffice to say I only *heard* the music that night, and didn’t actually SEE anything. But what I heard was still awesome.

So I’m not only thrilled they’ll be playing, but to ice the cake–oh hell, to throw a whole ‘nother cake into the party–Dr. Dooom (that’s Kool Keith, people, the guy who founded Ultramagnetic MC’s) will be opening. Opening? Really? Seems like they should share equal billing. But hey, I ain’t complaining. Add local awesome noizepunkers Mika Miko and this show will get music nerds slobbering.

So, you want tickets? Tell me your favorite line from a Kool Keith, UMCs, or Dr. Octagon or Dr. Doom rap. We’ll pick a lucky winner to get tickets.

No Sarah Palin?

Some fellow West Siders and I invaded Long Beach last night for a really fun Halloween party at a friend’s house.  At most Halloween parties I have ever been to, usually, a few people are dressed as someone or something that is topical at the time in the popular culture.  This can include the political culture, especially in an election year.  Therefore, I cannot believe that no one showed up to the party last night dressed as Sarah Palin.

More tricks and treats, after the jump

Where did all the trick or treaters go?


The leftover goodies that went unclaimed at my house.
The leftover goodies that went unclaimed at my house.

Is it just me or were the Trick or Treaters way down this year?  My street has always been a hit or miss so it is hard to tell by our traffic.  I took my youngest out for his last year of trick or treating and we ventured off the street as legend has it one of the streets above us does “only big candy bars”.  Even off the street for the most part it was lighter traffic than usual.

It was scary seeing the other neighborhoods around me.  Barely 1 in 4 homes were handing anything out.  Even fewer homes were decorated for the day with mazes, haunted houses or just great yard art.  Both a big departure from years past.

While I was pondering what happened I noticed on my facebook feed that a metblog writer in New Orleans, Daneeta Loretta had run a post with a similar observation there titled “Silent Night, Hallow Night”.  I guess the economy freak out is much bigger than I thought, certainly much deeper than the signs I see around my little corner of LA.

I heard from my friend Jeff  who turns his house into a “haunted house” and he had over 600 kids visit this year.  My daughter spent hours in line in Old Pas for a Haunted House there.  Old Town Monrovia was packed with kids for their afterschool party that included trick-or-treating.  Did everyone shift from door-to-door in favor of those activities?

How was your  Trick or Treater traffic?  What was your take on the shift in traffic?

(The pic is by me, trusty phone cam, and this year we gave pretzels and I am so glad as I wouldn’t want it to be that much candy left in the house to tempt me).