Los Angeles to be Blasted in the Next Hour?

I’ve been told that Los Angeles should expect a sonic boom today at about 1:25 p.m., as the Space Shuttle lands at Edwards Air Force Base. Supposedly, when this has happened before, the boom could be heard as far away as West L.A. Is that an urban legend? We’ll soon find out.

UPDATE: I Just heard it! A double boom! at 1:20 p.m., all the way at the Marina, while watching the landing on the news and hearing the announcer say “two sonic booms signaling a landing at the California coast.”

10 thoughts on “Los Angeles to be Blasted in the Next Hour?”

  1. Nice boom, huh!?!?! Are you a believer now? ; – )

    And btw, it was WilW on twitter who also gave the heads up. Thanks to both as my husband and I turned on the NASA channel and watched it land.

  2. I believe! Actually, in this case, Endeavor reportedly flew in over the Pacific, and the sonic booms occurred near or at the time that it crossed over the coast, so in this case, it was the West Side people who could hear the booms most easily. I’d be curious how far east they could be heard.

  3. So THAT’s what that was! I totally felt it in West L.A., just a few blocks east of Santa Monica. I thought someone had hit our apartment building with their car again (it’s happened twice before), and I even went outside to look around. Cool.

  4. I was at a coffee house on Hollywood in Hollywood.

    Definitely felt it, the huge plate glass windows wobbled. Twice.

    I thought someone fell against them (sometimes people prop their bikes up against them). It took me a while before I remember that the shuttle was coming in.

  5. We were sitting at the Urth Caffe in the warehouse district. It was busy in there, and when it happened, the whole PLACE went silent for a sec! I thought it was another god damned EARTHQUAKE.

  6. Props to the Ahmanson Theater. Spring Awakening started at 1pm and we didn’t hear a thing except the great singing! And I’ve heard them before and know it’s tough to block them out.

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