Prop 8 battle will continue into spring

Several months will pass before the state supreme court rules on the amendment banning same sex marriage.

  • As each side squares off in high dudgeon over the fate of Prop 8, the dramatically unfolding events provide a new chapter almost daily. The demonstrations have subsided for now as it becameĀ  clear that the state supreme court will not be making a decision about the fate of the anti-gay amendment until late spring or early summer. Judicial tea leave readers are feverishly interpreting actions of Justice Joyce L. Kennard, a staunch supporter of gay rights in years past who cast the sole vote on the court to not review the matter.
  • Antebellum Gallery’s Rick Castro has quickly organized an art exhibit, opening next Saturday, Dec. 6th, that focuses on the maelstrom of cultural forces at play in the reinvigorated gay rights movement in California, and by extension, the nation. Proposition 8 – Who do you love, who do you hate? will present art, music, performances and videos referencing civil rights and marriage for all.