Gouge Away: Woodcuts at the Hammer

Munch\'s The KissLast weekend, drawn by the promise of Munch and Gauguin, I visited Gouge, the Hammer’s current exhibit on woodcuts. If you’re looking for something to do this holiday weekend, I say, go to Gouge. It exceeded my expectations. In addition to those “fine art” woodcuts I was anticipating by Gauguin and Munch (and Kandinsky, Matisse, and Vallotton among others), there were woodcuts with a religious theme and a nice sampling of activist woodcuts.

Among my favorites were Joseph VĂ¡chal’s Seven Deadly Sins (they are so cute–they look like Pokemon sins) and Artemio Rodriguez’s The Triumph of Death which is one of the large amazing political pieces. Other Rodriguez fans may be happy to know that next weekend, La Mano, the press Rodriguez helped to found, is having it’s annual art sale: December 5-7, 1749 N. Main Street.