7 thoughts on “Gangs of LA on Google Maps”

  1. There are quite a few areas that have gangs that are not on this map, you know places in Mar Vista, Culver City, Atwater Village, Venice, Santa Monica, Playa Del Rey, the Valley…I guess those section of towns real estate agents have a little bit more control in the PR department.

    This map should be called the gangs that scare middle class LA, but show that the people who own homes in middle class LA are far enough away that it can still be called the other side of town.

    I wonder who is doing the jacking at Ballona Creek, maybe some kids from Watts are coming down and doing that, because according to this map Culver City has no gangs…

  2. According to this map, my neighborhood is 100% gang free. I guess the cops who blockaded my street yesterday who combed all the backyards in the neighborhood were just playing hide and seek.

  3. Bulls eye Spencer. This was prefaced well and I can understand the undertaking of listing and identifying neighborhoods would take a long time.

    In the few square miles of Monrovia we have 3 active gangs duking it out regularly for control. That is why we had 3 dead, 1 teen a para, 1 teen in a permanent coma, and 2 others wounded and recovered. We have actively entrenched gang with their tags: Duarte Eastside (DEG or DESG), Monrovia Nueve Vario (MNV). Then for kicks and giggles we see Pasadena Latin Kings (PLK), Pasadena Denver Lanes (PDL) and some others rumored to be La Eme controlled gangs. We even have crimes, tech crimes to be specific from the Asian gangs in Arcadia and to a lesser degree San Gabriel.

    This isn’t a middle class filtering. Its a situation where the problem is so entrenched identifying a particular gang and then trying to pin down on a map where they are. They are in neighborhoods but those lines are in flux and very transient on the edges. With as much going on in my little corner I can only imagine when you start looking at larger and larger areas the task of identifying and pin pointing on a map must be pretty daunting.

    I would be curious to know who is making the map and why.

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