Can you spare $1,242 to help me out?

Actually, it isn’t me that needs the money but I got your attention.  I support Monrovia Women’s Build venture with Habitat for Humanity to build some homes here in Monrovia.  From the time Donna Baker and the women in town started this project they have tried everything to make a buck to get these homes done. Then the economy went south and donations started drying up.

Last weekend while I was chasing my youngest around at basketball tournaments in the LA area Women’s Build had a meeting.  The figured out what was still needed to finish their first home that ground was broken for a few weeks ago.  $85,671.46 is what they need.  Each of us on the list (gads that sounds like a pyramid) need to find a way to raise 1,242.

I know its a tough economy.  We got beaten pretty hard last summer when gas was nudging towards $5/gal. It is a little more affordable now.  If you could just spare difference between a tank of gas now vs a tank then and route it to Monrovia Women’s Build I’d appreciate it.  Actually, the family destined to get that house will appreciate it even more.  Donna’s address is available after the jump.  If you make a donation just note that fraz sent you.  Thanks.

The full email note sent to all of us is after the jump. Hi everyone,

I’d like to thank those of you who took the time out of your busy schedules to attend our update meeting last Saturday.  

 Sonja Yates, the Executive Director of Habitat’s SGV affiliate, joined us to assist in planning and reaching our goals.  It became obvious during our discussions that my email updates have not clearly defined our purpose and mission for the Women’s Build Team.  Of course, most of you have expressed an interest in the build part of this project, which will begin in earnest after the first of the year.  But our major focus now is raising the necessary funds to get this build finalized.  

 In that connection, I would like to challenge EACH of you to commit to raising the remaining $85,671.46 that the Women’s Build team is responsible for collecting.  This means that you are each encouraged to put on your thinking caps to figure out a way to raise YOUR PORTION of that amount.  As of today, we have 67 members on our team.  If every one of us will raise $1,280, we will make our goal.  Several ideas were brought up on Saturday as ways to raise this money.  It can be as easy as asking 13 people you know to make a $100 donation.  Maybe you have a garage full of items you don’t use anymore – a yard sale could easily raise that $1,200.  How about a gathering at your house where you invite everyone you know for a wine tasting for an entry fee of $50 or $100, which gets donated to the Women’s Build?  Maybe you ask a local restaurant to dedicate a full day of proceeds to Habitat, then tell all your friends to go out to lunch or dinner that day.  I’m asking you to think outside the box.  I’m asking you to come up with a way to raise your $1,242 so that each of us can present that money to Habitat, and in turn acheive the Women’s Build goal of $100,000.  You do not need my permission or participation to head up your fundraising project.  Just go for it!  You can keep us all posted on your progress and ideas.  We’d love to know what you’re doing.

 I know this is a hard time of year for all of us.  But just imagine the good we’re doing for those four families who will be living in our Habitat homes here in Monrovia.  And imagine how good you’ll feel when you can say you helped raise the money and helped build a house!!

 I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.  And I look forward to hearing all about your successes.

 Best regards,Donna 

Donna Baker, Realtor, ePro

Director of Heritage Homes

Dickson Podley Realtors

242 W. Foothill Blvd. 

Monrovia, CA 91016

2 thoughts on “Can you spare $1,242 to help me out?”

  1. Donna Baker rears her ugly head again. I’m not surprised that things are not going well.

    Donna Baker manages to screw up everything she puts herself in charge of. She has screwed up Monrovia Days to name one of many and had the nerve to go to a City Council meeting and blame the community for that. Now she is blaming the economy for this.

    She gets put in charge of far too many things and wants everyone else to do the heavy pulling while she takes the bows and feathers her own business ventures nest.

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