woohoo…bring out your suv’s…gas is 1.99/gal in Arcadia


1.99/gal for main line gas in Arcadia
1.99/gal for main line gas in Arcadia

There I was stopped at a light and noticed that the Mobil Station at Rosemead and Duarte Road in Arcadia was $1.99/gal. Wow…its been what 3 years since we have seen it that cheap?  Yet, there it was a real gas station not some off brand gas.  

Of course it was pure sarcasm on the suv’s…I had to do it to get your attention.  If it were up to me we’d charge a heavy CO2 tax on them as a matter of principle and ban them from the roadways during rush hour.  I’m really glad gas is back to the affordable level, just sad that it took wreaking havoc on the world economy to make people realize how dependant we are on the stuff.

Pic by me with the trusty phonecam, while stopped at a red light.

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  1. Filled up for $1.99 (and 999999/999999)/gal this weekend on the West Side.

    Sawtelle and Venice.

    But it was an off brand. :(

    But it still works like real gas! :)


  2. Actually the off brands don’t have the detergents you need, ask any mechanic and they will tell you. Offbrands don’t have the detergent levels you need to keep injectors/carbs clean nor your valves. If you have to use offbrand. Toss in a can of gas treatment. Then again if you do that you are spending more than just buying the name brand to start with.

  3. Oh no. Not only do I not understand what gas “detergent” are, but I have only vague notion of what you mean when you say “injectors/carbs.”

  4. I have mixed feelings about the recent steep decline in gasoline prices. On the one hand, I’m happy that gasoline is once again more affordable for the vast majority of drivers, as well as companies that rely on trucks to move their freight, for whom $4 per gallon (or more, in the case of diesel) fuel caused real pain. On the other hand, the sharp drop may be a sign of dangerous deflation, and is surely a signal that our economy has slowed to a halt. Additionally, many analysts agree that gas prices are at or near the bottom, and will soon rise again. Some analysts claim that oil will eventually hit $200 per barrel. Finally, if the new lower prices cause us to become complacent again about energy conservation, more fuel-efficient vehicles, less giant SUVS, and switching to renewable energy, that would be a huge price to pay for temporary euphoria at the pump.

  5. If we could stabilize that would do more good for our economy than anything else.

    Of course you realize the headline is sarcasm pure and simple. I think, especially after talking with the big-wigs from the manufacturers the last few days, the days of the SUV are numbered. There will be the need for a few as people still have trailers, boats or work uses where they need the capacity and passenger seating. Its just not going to be the transportation for a family or worse, single commuter that it had morphed into.

  6. Whoa. I have to admit I’m totally shocked to see it sub-$2. When it first crested that mark a few years ago I figured that was an end to buck-something gas forever.

    I agree with Matt this doesn’t seem anything more than temporary and an indicator our economy is on the skids.

    This past Friday on my bike ride home though, I found the streets I ride excessively gridlocked for the first time since the summer. Drivers may be lulled into a complacency now that a tank of gas is more affordable than it’s been, but now they’re paying for it with increasing commute times.

  7. Frazgo, 1.95 Duarte and Santa ANita, and always check out Myrtle and Longdon usually a dime cheaper then the previous i mentioned

  8. It all keeps dropping fast. Myrtle and Longdon is a bit off my beaten path and it never made much sense to drive 10 minutes to save a buck on a fill. Call me silly but…

    Will…I’ve noticed just the opposite. Traffic is way down on the weekends still. Even last week going downtown traffic was so light either direction was just about half an hour during the rush hours. What happened.

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