Spotted in the Wild: The Sushi Nazi

Little Tokyo’s Hama is a good bet when it comes to stuffing your tuna hole full of briny goodness, but if you’ve got anything other than fresh, raw fish in mind, you’d best look elsewhere.

4 thoughts on “Spotted in the Wild: The Sushi Nazi”

  1. I kinda don’t blame them, because there’s an etiquette to eating sushi that a lot of people don’t know, and most good Japanese restaurants specialize.

    That’s nothing compared to Nozawa anyway. That guy is the original LA sushi nazi.

  2. No kidding, there’s an etiquette to it all? Fortunately the places we frequent have that stuff on the side so the non-sushi/shamshimi folks have something to eat too.

  3. I had a Japanese employee who told me her had never heard of 90% of the Sushi concoctions they serve at all the downtown Japanese restaurants.

    Maybe Hama is the real deal? Whatever it is it rocks!

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