Third-Annual Great L.A. Walk Is Tomorrow

Back in 2006, Michael Schneider of Franklin Avenue decided to commemorate his 10-year anniversary as an Angeleno by inviting anyone who wanted to come along for a walk on Wilshire from the boulevard’s beginnings downtown all the way to the other end in Santa Monica. I couldn’t join him in that endeavor, but the following year I was one of several score who strode Pico Boulevard from the Coca-Cola Building at Central Avenue all the way to the water’s edge in Venice (Flickr set here).

Tomorrow will be Mike’s Third-Annual Great L.A. Walk and it will begin from Union Station downtown, heading out along Cesar Chavez/Sunset Boulevard to Silver Lake’s Sunset Junction where we’ll bear left at the headwaters of Santa Monica Boulevard, and continue all the way to the ocean — or perhaps more specifically Ocean Avenue.

Folks might recall last month my friends David and Julia and I were certifiably insane successful in traversing the 28-mile length of Western Avenue from Griffith Park to Palos Verdes (Flickr set here). And I can’t think of a better way to follow that up than by joining Mike and what I’m sure will be a whole bunch of others tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. to begin what I’m sure will be a far-from-pedestrian pedestrian adventure.

More info here.