Win Tix to Medeski Martin & Wood on 11/21

Attention all brainy music geeks. MM&W will be annoying the hell out of short-attention-spanned folks like me on Friday at the El Rey. I frankly find the division between Friday’s Kraak & Smaak show & the MM&W gig fascinating.

Wanna go? Explain in the comments why you love Medeski, Martin & Wood so so so much. Winners will be chosen based on how much of a fanboy (or fangirl) you appear to be.

Tickets can be purchased here.

10 thoughts on “Win Tix to Medeski Martin & Wood on 11/21”

  1. I would love, Love, LOVE to see Medeski Martin & Wood. I’ve always loved jazz. I’ve always loved “popular” music (ie. rock, funk, hip hop.) MMW were the ones that first introduced (to me) the idea that it was all tied together so closely and could be blended to such great effect. Been wanting to see them for years, yet circumstances have always conspired against me. Friday could be the day. Pick me, pick me, pick me!!!

  2. I first heard MMW right after they released The Dropper. At a live show in 2001, Medeski explained that the band chose the album name because the songs were so crazy that the band was convinced the label was going to drop them as soon as the execs heard the recordings. I was young and naive and believed every word. Years later I was examining the album artwork with a little more scrutiny and a few “life experiences” under my belt. I burst out laughing when I saw the distorted photos and blotter paper and realized just how gullible I had been. Just goes to show how easy it is to miss something when you’re not looking for it.

  3. i want to go because MMW makes me sing and mumble songs that go like bowraow, boom, boom, boom, bowraow, boom, zeeenzeenzeen, bowraow, boom. dodododododo, boraow, boom boom.

    And I like songs like that.

  4. because some guy at a coffee shop i used to hang out at when i was 15 saw that i had a miles davis cd and told me to check them out… ive bee hooked ever since… some 12 years later… MACHA!!

  5. Burns!

    Didn’t know you were such a big MM&W fan. I hope you get the tix.

    Check out this bootleg shot at one of their shows. Awesome live performance.

    MMW 6/26/08

  6. When the Shack-Man plays that Bemsha Swing, I get a Chubb Subb in my pants.

    And some of us are brainy music geeks AND short-attention-spanned folk! I often don’t have the attention span for listening to jazz on CD, but I’m fine with it live.

  7. As a 22 year old with rather diverse and eclectic taste (at least I think so), I’ve always appreciated everything from rock, to oldies but goodies, hip hop, and jazz. My dad is the one that introduced me to MMW and I think they would be phenomenal live. My only regret if I won these tickets would be that he’s lives in another state and couldn’t go with me to the concert.

  8. I was introduced to MMW by a friend that gave me a copy of Combustication before I spent a year abroad in Tokyo. While I was there it was my favorite album to listen to while walking through the city. Anytime I travel I make sure I have that album with me and make sure to have a little adventure while listening to it. I have since become a completionist and immediately buy any MMW I come across that I don’t already have.

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