Organization of Black Screenwriters Short Film Showcase This Thursday

Sorry for the short notice and lack of photo, but I was just sent word about this last night and wanted to pass it along as soon as I could.  The Los Angeles-based Organization of Black Screenwriters, founded in 1988 and whose “primary function is to assist screenwriters in the creation of works for film and television and to help them present their work to the industry,” is holding its next Short Film Showcase this Thursday night, November 20, from 7-10 p.m. at the Golden State Mutual Life Insurance Building at 1999 West Adams Blvd., Los Angeles 90018.

The scheduled line-up of films is as follows:

“Red Light, Green Light” Written & Directed by
Ron Duncan/Produced by Gaberial Tolliver

– Several neighborhood kids are playing a
common child-hood game, Red Light Green Light which transcends into a
real-life situation turning the tables for an armed robber at a nearby
convenience store.
— 7 minutes

 “Double Indemnity” Written by: Billy Wilder
Directed & Produced by: Darrell Davis

– An insurance claims adjuster let himself to be
talked into a murder insurance fraud that arouses an insurance
investigator’s suspicions.

— 13:43 minutes

“Prime of Life” Written & Directed by David Wendell Boykins
Produced by David Wendell Boykins, Evelyn Brito, and Noah Sife 

“Prime of Life” is the story of Jacob and Grace Warner, an elderly
couple counting down the minutes until the Lord takes them away. But one
day Jacob decides to live his last moments his way.

— 13:29 minutes

Delivering Louverture” Written & Directed by Mickelson Civil
Produced by Mickelson Civil & Nick Santa Croce

– Could you pay the ultimate price for freedom?
Molerne, mother of a little boy named Louverture, must find a way to
escape Haiti and make a new life for her and her son. Along the way,
they encounter selfish shipmates, rough waters and an angered U.S. Coast

— 8:30 minutes

“The Yesterday Pool” Written, Directed & Produced by G. Tyler

– Trobodar returns as the celestial guard of a magic pond that allows its visitors one opportunity
to correct the biggest mistake of their lives. The pond is a test of
will, patience, discernment and wisdom that many people find difficult
to pass.

— 26:28 minutes

Other relevant information from OBS:

Come have an evening to relax, enjoy the creative visions of some very
determined and passionate individuals, meet the filmmaker/writer, and
network. Q&A with each filmmaker/writer will follow the films. Feel
free to invite friends and family. Please RSVP to
[email protected]
<[email protected]>
Place “Night at the Movies” in the subject line and in the body of the
email state how many will be attending. You can also RSVP via telephone
(323) 735-2050.

For more information contact:
Kimberly Allen – [email protected]
(323) 735-2050

I’m not sure how “Double Indemnity” has been reduced to a thirteen minute short film, but you’ll just have to show up Thursday night and find out.