Big Dumb Fire in Sylmar fucking everywhere



[EDIT] AS OF 12:42pm, the best map I can find of the fire area & evacs is here.

[EDIT] as of 10:26 am, here’s a map of the affected area:

The following is from ktla news:

Fire officials say 2,600 acres — more than four square miles — have burned so far, with more than 1,000 structures threatened by uncontrolled flames.

Tanker planes were grounded at about 9:00am due to the dangerously high winds, according to a U.S. Forest Service base manager.

A red flag warning is in effect until 4:00pm today. Strong, sustained winds continue to blow, but are expected to die down somewhat by this afternoon. However wind will continue to gust to 50 mph throughout the day.

Evacuations Centers

Sylmar High School
13050 Borden Avenue, Sylmar
(818) 833-3700

San Fernando High School
11133 O’Melveney Avenue, San Fernando
(818) 898-7600

Kennedy High School
11252 Gothic Avenue, Granada Hills
(818) 271-2900

Chatsworth High School
10027 Lurline Avenue, Chatsworth
(818) 678-3400

Horses horses and other livestock are being housed at
Pierce College
6201 Winnetka Avenue, Woodland Hills
(818) 719-6401

Hansen Dam Equestrian Center
(at Foothill Boulevard and Orcas Avenue)

Fire Information: (800) 439 2909

Freeways are closed in the entire north end of the San Fernando Valley.

Road Closures

5 Freeway closed in Newhall Pass. Vehicles are being taken off the freeway northbound at the 118 freeway and southbound at the 126 freeway.

210 Freeway closed in both directions between the 5 freeway the 118 freeway.

118 Freeway connection roads closed at the 405 Freeway.

405 Freeway closed northbound at the 118 Freeway.

14 Freeway closed at San Fernando Road.

Evac instructions as of 2:00am (yes, I am up reading Twilight & smelled smoke):

Sylmar Fire Evacuation Information:

SYLMAR (CBS) ― The Mission Division Police Department is evacuating all residents north of the 210 Freeway and south of Olive View Hospital and Hubbard.
On the westside of Sylmar, evacuations are ordered for residences north of the 5 Freeway. The eastern boundary of the evacuations is set at Hubbard Street.

There is an evacuation center in place at Sylmar High School, located at 13050 Borden Avenue, and San Fernando High School, at 11133 Omelveny Avenue in San Fernando.

Pets can be taken to the evacuation centers and will be kept on the football fields.

Large animals can be stored at Hansen Dam, at 11770 Foothill Boulevard in Lakeview Terrace.
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10 thoughts on “Big Dumb Fire in Sylmar fucking everywhere”

  1. I hope you are out of harms way. If you want a smoke free place you are welcome to crash my way. Oddly we have had no wind to speak of since all this started. Nary a waft of smoke or hint of ash either.

    Wish everyone well through this.

  2. Not to make light of the situation (I was rather disturbed by the Montecito fire myself, since I drive through that area fairly often, so I can only imagine how scary this must be for you), but the Twilight mention made me laugh. I hope you’re safe.

  3. Yeah, that stupid book…I work in a place that’s all abuzz about the movie, ‘cuz they’re all up in that pop culture shit, and I tried to resist but when a colleague told me the books were “addicting like Harry Potter,” it was [smacks forehead, unable to resist] time.

  4. I just checked & I consumed from page 1 to 414 between 10pm & 4am last night. :p

    no wonder I can’t keep my eyes open now…tell me when the apocalptic rain of ash is gone. ugh.

  5. Something BIG is burning due south of me. News is sketchy but what I gather is there are two large fires in Brea/Corona, but the smoke looks a lot worse from where I sit. Due south of me the sky is opaque, quite high and moving more or less west across the southern horizon. It is drifting into the LA County area but I can’t tell if any of it is actually LA county on fire.

    My daughter was on her way to Long Beach (CSULB) and called around 11AM. She was with friends driving through smoke and ash at the 605/5/91 junction. At that time I could see no smoke on the horizon, certainly nothing like right now.

  6. At the Marina, I had my car parked outside for about 25 minutes, and came back to find that it was coated with a fine layer of ash, and more was falling. I felt like I was in fricken Pompeii! Also, it’s quite hazy, and the sun is about half obscured.

  7. On the Eastside the air quality went from “meh” to “fucking awful” in the span of an hour. I’m sure it is elsewhere, but speaking from my position.

    I feel for all those who are becoming homeless today. If I had a mother-in-law attachment to my house I’d house a family…

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