Tasty Bimbo Hanging Out in Marina Parking Lot

To me, one of the more amusing aspects of living in the Los Angeles area is spotting a white bakery truck with gaudy graphics and the word “BIMBO” spelled out in bright red letters on the side.  Am I the only one surprised that Mexican snack food giant Bimbo didn’t alter its name for consumption in the U.S.?

At the Grupo Bimbo website, it reads, “The Bimbo brand has been the favorite of young and old, generation after generation.”

I couldn’t agree more.

7 thoughts on “Tasty Bimbo Hanging Out in Marina Parking Lot”

  1. A few years back, Club America (a popular Mexican soccer club) had Bimbo as their shirt sponsor, so there was the big Bimbo logo smack dab in the center of their jerseys. Apparently my mother-in-law spotted somebody wearing the jersey, and wondered why he was wearing a shirt advertising that he was a bimbo.

  2. lmao, we have chi-chi’s and hooters, why not Bimbo’s. Its not like the Chevy Nova that had to changes its name when sold in Mexico as in spanish the name meant “no go”.

  3. Bimbo has been here for a long time and the community they serve knows them well. Besides, it’s pronounced Beem-bo so even though it’s spelled the same it doesn’t have the same connotation.

  4. I’ll admit that it used to illicit a gringo chuckle out of me whenever I’d see one of their trucks, but I’d laugh even louder now if they altered their name — or worse provided some sort of (parenthetical phonetic pronunciation). Like El Chavo said, they’ve been around a long time — far longer than my lily white ass has known about them so stay gold Bimbo. Respect.

  5. When I worked in Mexico City two years ago, I enjoyed the “Bimbo” signage (and the snacks themselves, I might add) and had a heck of a time explaining in my rusty spanish why “Bimbo” was a funny word to me. “Bimbo, en el EU, es una mujer con muchos amigos.” It was hard to explain…

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