Help animator & Cal Arts animation instructor rebuild after fire

This came across my desk and I want to pass it on…:

Colleagues and Friends,
With the gracious support of the Character Animation Department at Cal Arts, the students and models, we’ve been given the chance to raise a little something for Corny Cole, who recently lost over 50 years worth of his art and animations, his home—everything, even his dogs and cats—in the Marek brush fire this October. While he may be a stranger to many of you, Corny has been a great influence on the animators and artists of Los Angeles and abroad for many years.

A brief biography and news clip regarding Corny Cole is here & here.

Corny always wanted to make sure people could afford to draw, and priced his out-of-class workshops accordingly. We’re doing the same for this fundraiser. For the 8 hour session, students pay $5 and non-students $10. If this isn’t within in your means, and you still want to take part, you won’t be turned away. Pay with pencils. Pay with string. The money matters less than your presence and artistic expression. Because of his gift to us, of creative openness, of the magic of line and shadow on paper, we now have the opportunity to, in turn, gift him with a little something from our (yes, perhaps frighteningly threadbare) pockets, within the context of the workshops he loves so very much.

There will be costume and figure work, a long pose for interested painters, as well as sessions of gesture poses. Even if you think you can’t draw, come! If anything, Corny’s classes are about experimentation and being open to try new things. We can’t wait to see you there.

Sunday, November 16th, 2008
10a – 6pm
at Cal Arts
24700 Macbean Parkway
Valencia, CA 91335

3 thoughts on “Help animator & Cal Arts animation instructor rebuild after fire”

  1. Thanks for posting this! Corny is a WONDERFUL guy and his sunday figure drawing sessions are the best… I had him for figure drawing at USC and he’s just the most charismatic professor one could have- also tells the best stories from back in the day when he used to work on old Warner Brothers cartoons!!

  2. Seriously, anyone who has ever picked up a heavy metal magazine, spent a day surfing, or gives a shit about animation should pitch in and get corny back on his feet. dont fuck around.

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