Win tix to the B-52’s with The 88 11/16!

Boy, thar shore be a whole lotta mew-zik contests we’s bin a-doin’. Ayup.

But this one y’all asked for, and we got it: tickets to the B-52’s at the brand-new Club Nokia, with great locals The 88 (stand-up guys, yo) opening! woop woop!

To win tickets, please provide a link in the comments that you think most amusingly represents the phrase, “ROCK LOBSTER.” Like this.

That’s a quality piece of work, there.

Go on! Hurry up and bring your jukebox money!

Concert info is here.

20 thoughts on “Win tix to the B-52’s with The 88 11/16!”

  1. oh fuck, oh fuck I really, REALLY would love to have these tix, but as a poster here I’m disqualified, right?
    Damn, damn, damn I think I have everything they ever did on a combo of vinyl, 8track, cassette and cd. Oh damn oh damn I would love to have these.

    My link just in case no one claims them. (you do have to get through a bad commercial first).

  2. B-52’s, Is my curse, I have tried to see them and everytime I get so close and something happens (miss them, car crashs, etc). I finally met a guy who loves them as much as me, (hard to do I know) this would be so great. I just had to try one last time. The video is awsome but I agree it is a bit on the unfair side but hanks for sharing it with us. I was looking for a different concept, but I really like this one. (May be unsutiable for younger audiences)

  3. Is it too late to vote for lobster vs. cat? Yeah, I’m easily entertained, whatever. Plus, I used to have a pet crayfish called Phideaux.

  4. As much as I’d really like to see the B-52s, I don’t think I could possibly find a link nearly as compelling as any of those above. My vote is for Frazgo, even though he’s a poster here. He wants to see them so bad he used the fuck word. TWICE! I don’t think I’ve ever seen him do that before. Also, I liked his video the best, and I didn’t even have to sit through a commercial.

    Good luck, Fraz!

  5. Ok…the B52s, and Rock Lobster in particular, screams 80s in my rapidly aging noggin.

    So, a quick search of the inter-tubes found this which coincidentally screams 80s too.

    The colors, the sweater, the “Take On Me” A-Ha illustration style.


    Now I must have those tickets, I need a little “Love Shack” to cleanse my eyes. Or at least a unicorn chaser.

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