Repeal 8 efforts continue in advance of 11/15 Rally


This commentary is a much more eloquent oration of what we teach our kids “you can’t help who you fall in love with”.  Courage Campaign attached this video in thanking my wife and I for our support of the effort to Repeal Prop 8.  They asked we forward to friends and attach to our social networks.  I’ll do one better, I’ll post it here.  If you haven’t known where to turn to be involved, they are a start at the Courage Campaign.

Equality California/EQCA sent its daily reminder of activities to Repeal as well.  They have numerous efforts to repeal as well.  Some activity is in the courts, other is in preparation for the rallies this weekend.

To read their entire press release you need to make the jump.  To make a difference now as at the time of the election you need to be involved and support how you can.

Together, we must do everything we can to overturn Prop 8 and regain the freedom to marry. 

Equality California’s pledge is to do everything in our power to channel all of the incredible energy, both in California and around the nation, into a campaign that will get back our rights.

So here is our plan:

  • EQCA, represented by NCLR, ACLU, Lambda Legal, Munger, Tolles, & Olson and the Law Office of David C. Codell, has filed a petition to invalidate Prop 8 – the fundamental rights of same-sex couples cannot be eliminated through the amendment process. 
  • EQCA is supporting peaceful rallies and protests to ensure we keep this injustice front and center. Find out how you can join us at
  • EQCA will work to expand our coalition and create the tools so that each of us can reach out and educate those who were not with us last week
  • EQCA will work as part of a coalition to gather the more than one million signatures needed to overturn Prop 8 at the ballot box. 
  • Here’s how YOU can help:
Donate now– Every dollar will go to the fight to invalidate Prop 8 — the work has already started. 

Be visible. Rally at your local City Hall at 10:30 a.m. PT/1:30 ET this Saturday, November 15. Events are happening across the country at exactly the same time, to show the nation we will not give up. Find out more information 
Sign the pledge that you will work to educate people who did not support us and help gather signatures to put a repeal of Prop 8 on the ballot if needed. We will contact you soon. 
To win, it will take all of us working together to cross the finish line. We need everyone’s help. Not just yours—everyone’s. Join the fight to win back marriage today!

In solidarity, Goeff

3 thoughts on “Repeal 8 efforts continue in advance of 11/15 Rally”

  1. But have EQCA and those in charge of No on 8 yet copped to their bad handling of the No on 8 campaign (when we had a spectacularly better chance of prevailing and preserving equality)? Have they yet organized meetings during which they train precinct captains and field organizers? Have they yet explained that protesting and signing pledges is mostly meaningless if we don’t simultaneously lay the groundwork for the campaign to come?

    Or are they still squandering the human capital that is desperate for a meaningful opportunity to volunteer?

    Not all effort is a best effort. I just want some honest discussion of the 8 campaign and some realistic planning for the future. Everyone get thee to a campaign management class, stat!

  2. It is an interesting time here CD. I can’t answer to what they are doing towards the next election. Courage California is working on that in realy stages, right now preparing petitions to have it on the 2010 ballot.

    LA County Atty announced they are joining other cities/counties in filing a motion in the courts that 8 was an amendment to the CA Constitution requiring a 2/3 vote. Since that vote was not achieved the measure failed and the court ruling this Spring stands.

    I believe litigating the matter and having a court ruling is needed to move to the forefront as the most expedient resolution. Civil Rights issues in the past tended to have been best resolved in the courts to interpret the constitution. I suspect this issue is one we really need the Feds to step in and just make a ruling once and for all.

    With all due respect CD, I believe the constant standing up and raising their voices at rally’s now is not “squandering human capital” as it is getting our lawmakers and courts attention and spurring them into action. Aside from that the term “human capital” is offensive to me, it is discounting people and their beliefs to a simple commodity that is tossed about like chits at a poker game.

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